3 Clothing Trends That Started in Canada and Went Around The World!

3 Clothing Trends That Started in Canada and Went Around The World!

If you are someone who likes to talk about the latest trends and how they came to be, then you would be surprised at how much Canada contributed. The Great White North, as it is otherwise known, had been farming trends a lot before everyone started noticing.

In this blog, we are going to take a look at the top 3 clothing trends that came from up there. As a retailer of apparels, getting these for your store from Canadian wholesale clothing distributors could make your sales go up drastically!

1. The denim tuxedo

Canadians created this denim on denim tough look, which is also known as the denim tux. It is similar to a normal suit, just instead of a tux jacket, you wear a denim one and replace the trousers with distressed denims.

Now facing major resurgence, the denim tuxedo is back on track and makes for a great look on any fashion friendly country in the world. When you get this look for your store, don’t forget to thank the people up North!

2. The Lumberjack look

Lumbering is one of the major industries in this part of the world and that’s where the modern flannel lumberjack look came from. Flannels, inside neutral vests, and denims with boots underneath, this one is a true show in every sense of the term!

Wearing it with leather boots will just enhance the look further and you can be thankful to Canadian culture for this evergreen look!

3. The Heritage Stripe Style

The admirable color striped sweater on white or off-white shade is also a Canadian import to the fashion industry. It looks classy, could easily be passed for brunches and evening dinners, and makes every woman look like one in a million.

Wearing monochrome tops underneath is the best way to compliment this sweater and give your customers a complete look. Adding knee high boots to the look would make it even better – and you should definitely suggest it to them.

These are the 3 apparel fashion clothing that the world from Canada. No matter where you are in the world, if you are an apparel retailer, then get these from your distributor. The sweater would be especially useful for stores who bulk order from wholesale gym clothing suppliers Australia. So, what are you waiting for?

Get these exciting apparels today!

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