3 of The Latest Clothing Trends All The Way from New York!

3 of The Latest Clothing Trends All The Way from New York!

Are you a retailer on the hunt for the latest clothing trends? Then we are going to bring to you some of the best in the world – right from the heart of North America’s fashion capital in New York. Whatever you see here is going to be a mix of street, high street, and functional clothing.

It is ramp inspired and creative – not a met gala dress that no one ever wear again. So, are you ready to find out what these latest trends are? Let’s take a look –

1.Animal Prints are back on

The wild is back to the concrete jungles and animal prints are reigning the streets right now. From tigers and cheetahs to giraffes and Jaguars, there is plenty of dress options. Try a knee length dress or go for something a little a little longer – probably even with a thigh slit.

From velvet textures to suede and even fabric options, there is plenty out there and all you need is a good eye to get the perfect one.

2.Eye catching Pop Colors

If you are willing to be different, then you need to pop out amongst all the dullness and drudgery. What better way to do it than the eye catching fluorescent pop colors and then layer it with neutral color jackets.

Pop colors do need a certain kind of panache to carry off, so your customers do need to have the courage to stand out and your New York wholesale clothing distributors will be more than happy to keep you equipped with more of the kind!

3.Plaid Designs are here

Need something for the formal designs as well? Then plaid designs are back in style just for you. There are a whole range of checks available and the color combinations are going to give you the kind of variety you need.

Try the light shades matched with the pop colors in plaid designs and that is definitely going to strike the chords of the hipsters and street fashion lovers!
These are the 3 latest trends right from the pavements of Times Square than you need to include in your retail store. And do not worry, if you are up in the Great White North, then you shall get it with your wholesale clothing suppliers Canada too. Why wait? Get in touch now!

Direction:- https://goo.gl/maps/o1XuyiEwFPx

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