3 of The Latest Customizations to Make on Your Apparel Bulk Orders!

3 of The Latest Customizations to Make on Your Apparel Bulk Orders!

As a retailer, you must understand the value of customizations in your bulk orders and get it right to ensure better sales over time. Customizations can make a brand if marketed properly and that is one of the main reasons why so many modern retailers are focusing so much on it.

If you are one of them as well, then here is a little help for you. In this blog, we are going to give you 3 of the latest custom trends that you can apply in your apparel bulk orders. Want to find out what they are? Let’s take a look –

1.Sage shirts are in

One of the top colors to have broken the market trend this season is the sage green. It is a color that has evolved out of a combination of grey and green and closely resemble the dried sage leaves.

From t shirts and polos to dress shirts, party shirts, and V neck full sleeve tees, this color is breaking the right sort of ground and you should definitely try it out in your collection for the best effect.

Ask your custom clothing manufacturers to implement this color in your bulk orders!

2.Super short shorts for men

It is finally time to let your apparel manufacturer know that the shorts you need have to get shorter – even for the men. Runways in Paris, Milan, London, and New York have had enough of this trend and the fashion magazines cannot shut up about how good it is.

If you want to ride the wave, then go for vibrant metrosexual colors to enhance the appeal for the ladies as well. Always remember this, if you want to sell something to men, you must make sure that women love it!

3.The wrap around tailored jacket

Another new bomb for men in the world of fashion is the wrap around tailored jacket. There is no question that people in fashion are going crazy about the symmetry in tailoring and the wrap around jacket is the perfect addition to this obsession.

It is the same double breasted jacket that you have for so long entertained, but it comes with an additional corset which completes the look. It is a bit daring on anybody’s part, but it might still make for a great addition.

Ask your wholesale clothing distributors in Atlanta to help you get these trends in your collection and the rest of it should work out very well!

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