3 Private Label Footwear Options to Watch Out for This Season!

3 Private Label Footwear Options to Watch Out for This Season!

If you have set your heart to growing your private label collection, then you need to commit to more than you might have though about earlier. Footwear is the future of fashion labels and things are no different in the athleisure world as well.

Introducing the right kind for your fitness label will make a daunting difference not only in terms of sales, but also for branding. And to help you in this very endeavour, we have picked up some great ideas from clothing manufacturers in Georgia. If you are interested to know, then take a look –

1.Mesh sneakers with fluorescent soles

Sneakers are back, thanks to the incessant popularity of athleisure and it has a new motto – the bolder, the better. The mesh thread make on the top makes these sneakers super flexible, bendable, and ultra light weight. Since almost all of them have been made from microfiber, they are pretty easy to wear all day, and dry faster than most other shoe options.

Functional and stylish, these are a must addition to your new private label sneaker collection.

2.Casual canvas shoes

Cloth shoes have an inherent casual appeal and set the tone for it very well. The colors on these fabric shoes can be anything from classic black to rainbow printed. A quick tip for all the private label brand owners out there – creativity is the key in this case.

It is simple – and getting it custom manufactured with your own ideas by private label clothing manufacturers.

3.Basketball shoes

All the sneaker-heads in the world love some high top, wide sole, super bouncy, and ultra light basket ball shoes. If you think that the only people to wear it are athletes, then you could not have been more wrong!

Basketball shoes have forever had an almost cult like following in street fashion and with good reason. It is stylish, bold with colors and designs, and has all the traits one would want in their shoes!

These are the 3 shoes in fitness wear genre that your private label clothing collection must have – if they want to be on the right foot. So, if you are planning the same for your brand, then get a designer, make some custom ideas, and give it to your manufacturer. However, remember to stay high on quality, because in the world private label athleisure fashion, that is what works best!

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