3 Suit Etiquettes That People Often Miss!

3 Suit Etiquettes That People Often Miss!

Are you someone who does not wear suits very often but enjoy it? Wearing a suit is a very traditional way of the gentleman and if not done right, one has the chances of getting judged by suit connoisseurs.

So, we are going to point out some important and often looked over etiquette when it comes to wearing this classic.

Once you do it right, getting the most basic and important fashion wear is going to be as easy as it gets.

1.Keeping the cuffs out is key

If you are going to wear a suit right, then you need a shirt that has cuffs that end at your wrist and do not go over the hand. Also, it is important for you let the cuffs out, till your cuff links, because that is what you spend the money on.

A lot of readymade suit jackets often go over the hand and the cuffs are completely hidden inside. That is a novice suit mistake that you should definitely avoid making.

For a reference look, check out a mens wholesale clothing distributors catalog today or just watch David Beckham in suit.

2.Two button always better than three

Unless you are looking for a double-breasted alternative, two button suits are the way of the world right now. Get them in slim fit, and a nice medium to slim lapel and you are good to go. Two buttons give the illusion of a shorter suit, making it seem sleeker and more stylish.

If you are into James Bond and like how he wears his, then this is your way to go. Get them in silk, wool, and other fabric blends for the best look.

3.Belt and shoes should always be in sync

While wearing a suit, it is almost imperative that your belts and shoes should be in perfect color sync. If that is not the case, the whole look becomes one huge faux pas – and that is not desirable at all.

Also, you should always make sure that your shoe and belt should not be in very sharp contrast with the suit itself.

This is a very important part of the whole wearing a suit, and it makes all the difference!

These are the 3 widely missed suit etiquettes and getting these fashion cues on point, puts you right with the big leagues. So, what are you still waiting for? Get in touch with a retailer or wholesale clothing UK suppliers to get the best suit this season!

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