3 Tips For Choosing The Best Footwear For Your Fashion As A Man

3 Tips For Choosing The Best Footwear For Your Fashion As A Man

Wearing the right pair of shoes is essential so you can confidently walk with style and comfort. Some men do not give importance to buying the right shoes because they treat them as just a necessity. However, one should consider many factors to wear the right footwear.

Here are some of them:

1. When To Wear The Shoes

One important factor when buying the right footwear is the occasion you need to wear them. For every occasion, various types of shoes will fit. You wouldn’t want to wear a pair of running shoes for a formal event and vice versa. That’s why you should know the following type of pants or outfit to know which footwear to wear:

  • Dress Pants: Usually worn for a formal event, choose footwear that you’re likely to pair with a suit. Less bulky soles and heels and shinier materials will do. You can also wear a color similar to the pants or one with a darker shade. If you’re wearing a belt, it may be best to match the shoes with it. As for the toes, you must at least have a semi-rounded toe as it can match more outfits. You can refer to a comprehensive guide to know the best formal shoes.
  • Jeans: You can wear almost any type of shoe with jeans except for shinier shoes. Hence, you can choose from sandals, loafers, sneakers, lug soles, and boots as they’re great for jeans. You can also use your shirt as a guide on what shoes to pair with your jeans. For instance, retro-style shoes or sneakers can go well with t-shirts, while a loafer is best paired with jeans and a sporty polo shirt.
  • Casual Pants: For casual pants like khakis, chino, or Dockers, you can pair almost any shoes. You can choose from boots, saddle shoes, boat shoes, oxfords, and loafers. To make a great combination, use the style and ornamentation of the shoes as a guide. A more casual style is excellent with heavy stitching or woven pattern, while buckle or tassel is more on the dressy side.

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2. Match With Colors

Aside from the style and type of shoes, you should also consider the color of the shoes and clothes you wear. Not only can you match the color of your shoes with your belt but do so with your jacket, too. For instance, go for a rich brown or similar color of shoes when wearing a brown jacket. By coordinating the color of your jacket and shoes or other accessories, you can be more fashionable.

For black, navy or grey pants, a pair of black shoes will do. When wearing white, lighter tan, beige, blue, and lighter earth tones, tan shoes look great with such colors. As for darker earth tones like greens, beige, brown, and tan, brown shoes are more suitable.

3. Don’t Forget To Try Them Out

As mentioned earlier, you should go with comfort and style. No matter how stylish the shoes are, if you’re feeling discomfort wearing them, it may affect how you carry them. That’s why before buying them, you must try them.

Stand in the shoes, and check if there’s at least a half-inch of space between the shoe’s end and your longest toe. By having this space, your foot can have enough room as you walk. That way, you can comfortably walk throughout the day.


The right footwear to become fashionable is the one that’ll go with your outfit while giving you comfort. If you feel comfortable wearing them, you can walk with confidence and grace. Stand out more by knowing the right shoes for every occasion. You can also consider the color of your shoes and your pants. By having a great color combination, you can never go out of style.

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