4 Jackets Every Woman Must Have in Her Fall Wardrobe

4 Jackets Every Woman Must Have in Her Fall Wardrobe

Come fall, and the wardrobe suddenly overflows with jackets and sweaters. While most of us despise the ideas of wearing coats and jackets that hide our clothes underneath, some of us know the true potential of jackets. Talk of the likes of denim jackets and bomber jackets, they instantly add to the look, without you having to put much effort. But in a pile of jackets that are available, there are a few which have a way of standing out. Want to know what they are? Here is a list for a comprehensive guide.

The trench coat

It goes without saying that a trench coat is the most staple and versatile of all jackets featured on the list. The reason is simple- it is extremely comfortable to wear and it looks stylish. Combined together, a trench coat is easy to wear and works well with both casual and formal attire. And it can never go wrong. The versatile piece of the jacket is perfect for autumn as it can be easily layered. Wear it over a nice evening dress or your conventional pair of trousers and shirt, each of the attire looks like a winner. Basic shades of black, navy and cream are more preferred for their elegant approach.

The bomber jacket

The thing with bomber jackets is that they are extremely sassy and light in weight. This means that they can be worn throughout the year without looking sloppy. To add to that, bomber jackets are cozy and warm, which indicates that come fall, they are the perfect companion one can ask for. Though there are many versions of the bomber jacket available with the manufacturers, the ones showcasing basic shades of black and brown are still the most popular. Embroidered bomber jackets have become a thing of today and are highly regarded as “the trend to follow”. Oh, and if you are wondering how to wear them, just throw it over any outfit, you are good to go.

The jean jacket

When it comes to jean jackets, there is only one word that fits- timeless. This classy piece of the jacket has been around for quite some time now but it has always remained unchallenged. The charm of a jean jacket is too hard to ignore. Most of the top wholesale jackets suppliers have added various renditions of the piece to their inventory. The use of different shades and textures gives the jackets a polished and versatile finish. So pick a dark one for your formal occasion, whereas a lighter version will complement casual attire pretty well. But remember to keep the rest of your look grounded to let the jacket do all the talking.

The quilted field jacket

Everyone needs a quilted jacket, wait, it is quilted field jacket. While their sturdiness and durability is enough to let it last long, it has an old-school military charm about it, which works well for both the genders. So yes, you don’t have to worry about looking weird in it, for a neutral quilted field jacket is a must-have. Moreover, these jackets stand out mostly on their functional abilities, so expect super warmth from them. While most will agree that quilted jackets lean more towards the casual side, but they look super cool when teamed with a pair of trousers or an evening dress as well.

Thus, this autumn, don’t limit your options. Let the versatility of these jackets blow you over. Dress them up or down and make jaw-dropping appearances every time. Jackets manufacturer have a variety of the pieces to choose from. Retailers interested to make a bulk purchase can pick a product from the vast inventory and place the order.

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