4 Men’s Clothing Trends for You to Try This Summer!

4 Men’s Clothing Trends for You to Try This Summer!

If you are a man who is always willing to take a better looking way in life, then this is the blog you should concentrate on. We are going to present 4 of the latest trends for men this season, just so you can follow them the right way and get the things you need to make the look work.

A noble cause, right?

Well, it is our duty to make men more stylish and that is what we are looking to do with this piece. Some of the apparels mentioned below will already be a part of your wardrobe, the rest of them are what you need to get to make justice of these trends. Now, let’s take a look –

1.Broad Vertical Stripes

The vertical stripe is doing wonders for mens clothing wholesalers and creating some serious ripples on the summer surface of men’s fashion. Be it on trousers, shirts, polos, or t shIirts, the fashion industry cannot get enough of the vertical stripes. The broader ones are more in fashion and some of the latest collections by top designers are even pairing similar tones and stripes together to create their IT look. However, if that seems too much, you could always pair your stripes, whether it is bottoms or top wear, to block colors without prints and patterns, and get the perfect look for this season. Oh, and don’t forget to accessorize with some leather band watches, wayfarers, and the likes, because the sun is always shining on top of you.

2.The Traveler Look

If you want to do justice to the traveler look, then go for comfortable fits, soothing organic fabrics and bold yet friendly colors – nothing that might create pollution for unsuspecting gazes. Try the brown jacket with a striped t-shirt within, paired with a block color blue pants and some brogues or oxfords underneath, and you will have hit the jackpot. Also, don’t be afraid to move away from cotton to other natural fabrics and if silk is in your comfort zone then that could definitely be a more sophisticated and gawdy alternative.

Things about the traveler look that appeal to men – you can go unkempt, not much maintenance, and most of the apparels required are pretty much part of mainstream fashion!

3.Playing with Florals

Florals are in for men’s fashion this season like a Japanese anime, and it gives plenty of breathing space for playing with new trends. You could try florals in all kinds of prints and patterns and that includes tonal prints, shade prints, and a lot more. Even when it comes to color combinations, floral men’s prints are going all sorts of way and that is what is making this one tick in the industry right now. Try floral polos, shirts, crew neck t-shirts, half sleeves, and sublimation and give summer the chance to bloom in your wardrobe, without much of an effort on your part.

4.The White Parade

Yes, it’s an old trend and yes, it’s back again. All whites have always been frowned at by street fashion, but if you have a chance to go a little bit high brow in your style, then going all white is the way. Try t shirts and dad trousers, or white stretch denims and white muscle shirts and it’s all going to work this season. Just don’t forget to introduce some brown shade with leather belts, shoes, and even watches.

These are the 4 top trends that clothing distributors wholesale are following for men’s fashion this season and it would benefit you too, if you walked your wardrobe down the same lines. At the end of the day, a good wardrobe makes you more presentable in real life and can make quite a difference, especially in this look-obsessed social media generation.

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