4 Trends to Avoid This Season and 4 Fashions to Try Instead

4 Trends to Avoid This Season and 4 Fashions to Try Instead

As an independent man who has a strong personal style statement, it is not easy to get you carried by a trend. But sometimes, even the most sensible of us tend to make some cringe worthy mistakes. To err is to human, and fashion is the place where all our errs can be corrected without much effort. If you are looking to make a refreshing appearance this season, yet seem to be stuck with the old trends, here is mentioned a list that discreetly (maybe not so much) tells you which are the trends you should steer clear off and how you can use the variations of the trends in order to stay at the top of the game.

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To Avoid Boxy Suits

The 80s have become a major fashion inspiration in the industry over the last few seasons and the power suits are its strongest forte. But then designers have pointed out that wearing boxy suits is not going to help anyone. If the shoulder pads don’t sit properly on the shoulder and keep slipping, then it makes you look bulky and nothing nice.

To Try Tailored Relaxed Suits

So what is that you should be wearing? If you are planning to look the part (where you look like a big shot from the 80s), then pick those broad suits but the ones that are tailored. Make sure that they should be relaxing for anything that does not accommodate comfort, should be stacked at the back of your closet. The relaxed suits are more casual in their approach, making them perfect for a variety of occasions.

To Avoid High Waist Trousers

The trend of wearing a pair of high waist trousers definitely has had historical significance, but pulling them off can be quite a difficult thing to do. It is not entirely ridiculous, however, there is a fine line between fashion and bigoted, and if you get the pants wrong, the result can be disastrous. And baggy combined with high waist; it is a major fashion crime, no matter how comfortable you are!

To Try Wide Cropped Trousers

Fashion is mostly about balancing comfort and style in an inconspicuous way. Though many men still think (despite generous efforts of many stylists) that cropped trousers have a bit of feminine touch to them. But in all fairness, cropped trousers when incorporated with a slim fit looks like a winner, which every man should try out this season (they are in demand right now!

To Avoid Too Much Pastel

Head to toe covered in pastel is something that all men should avoid (if you don’t want to look like a gelato). Using bright colours to highlight your outfit is a great way to go about (without looking feminine), but too much shades makes you look unfavourable, drawing up direct comparisons with the beach look.

To Try A Little Pastel

As mentioned in the point above, pastels exactly do not scream of masculinity. The key is to use one piece in these vibrant shades, and toughen up the rest of the outfit with something like a denim shirt or maybe a jacket. Just a pair of denim also works well. Wholesale clothing manufacturers have a bunch of products crafted that feature these soothing colours.

To Avoid Embellishment

One of the most adventurous plunges that a man can take towards clothing is by choosing to go for embellishments (which is definitely not limited to just some extra splashes of colours). They have been showcased as a part collection of major fashion houses, and have taken the entire department for a maximalist toss. Though they are treated like a statement piece, especially when incorporated with denims and bomber jackets. But the real question remains, do they really make any statement whatsoever?

To Try nembellishment

Embellishment is just trying too much, and you know that to score, you have to keep it simple and effortless. (Remember the rule about not trying too hard!) Want to go for something that truly makes a statement, and then pick one sober pattern, not a jacket that is overwhelmed with badges and patches all over. A plain leather jacket looks better anyday, if you really care about that!

Thus, in conclusion, it can be said that pick your trends carefully. Just because they are being showcased on the runway by perfect specimens, does not really mean you have to try them as well. Choose wisely and make a statement that is far more worthy and unique. Prominent clothing manufacturer have arranged a variety of clothes that can be purchased by retailers at discounted rates when purchased in bulk.

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