4 Unique Wardrobe Staples Inspired by The Royal Princesses

4 Unique Wardrobe Staples Inspired by The Royal Princesses

When it comes to trends we tend to derive a lot of inspiration from pop stars, fitness enthusiasts and even YouTube stars. However, if you head to Europe, chances are that the Duchess of Cambridge and Sussex will definitely make you proud with their classic chic style that is comfortable as well.

If you’re a lover of all things timeless, then you should invest in certain clothing pieces that will help you to accentuate your personal style. Popular boutique clothing distributors have also come up with certain clothing you can have a look at. Thus, find out more about the same.

White button down shirt

Is there anything more chicer and clean than a white button down shirt? This versatile outfit is a amongst the princesses of the royal family. You can style this versatile piece of clothing in a number of numerous ways. For starters, since the winter season is approaching you can simply layer it with a unique jacket and a pair of flannel pants to add some serious vibe to the attire.

Skinny Jeans

If you want to emerge as a foolproof stylista, then make sure to incorporate the skinny jeans in your outfit. The classic denim wear is a super favorite simply because of the fact that you can style it with oversized top wear and create a balance with your outfit. Footwear like boots and even strappy stillletoes looks super trendy with the skinny jeans outfit.


Both the princesses know the power of a good blazer. If you want to add a sophisticated layer to an outfit then a classic blazer will definitely be the best choice for you. If you’re a lover of maximalist clothing pieces then a rhinestone accented blazer or even color blocked aesthetics work well for creating a statement outfit.

Striped shirt

A striped shirt is reminiscent of the soulful summer days. You can pair a pastel colored stripped shirt with a pair of warm toned trousers to create a classic outfit for the workplace. You can even add colorful accessories to lend a pop of tones.

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