4 Unique Ways To Style Clothes You Already Own

4 Unique Ways To Style Clothes You Already Own

These days, it is rare to meet someone who doesn’t have a closet bursting full with clothes. Whether it’s a sale in that famous showroom a few blocks away or the lip smacking temptation of next day delivery in online stores, buying clothes at low prices is quite easy nowadays with the wholesale clothing distributors playing a major role in it. But have you ever thought of how to style those clothes better which you already have?

Covered below are a few ways through which you can style the clothes you already have and look great.

Layering and only layering

Layering is what you should go for first. Though it is often thought of as a winter necessity and it’s quite true but layering can also look quite cool in summer, provided you get the correct fabric combinations. You can create an excellent layered look through experimenting. This lends it well to using the clothes you already own. As the top layered outfits often use the unexpected, they end up looking great and not weird!

Mix all the seasons

All of you must have fixed clothing pieces for each season, but what happens if you mix them? Now obviously you can’t wear a winter coat when it’s bright and sunny outside but when you take a closer look at your seasonal clothes, they often have lighter or darker colors. The trick is to take some adaptable pieces from each season and match them with the other in order to make your already owned clothes look fresh and nice!

Play with style

Using bags, accessories and shoes to make a boring piece of clothing more happening is a secret tool which many people use. For an instance, if you team a belt with an outfit you usually wouldn’t put these accessories with, it can immediately transform the look of this well worn, usual attire into a totally different style. Knowing how to team pieces together is important but if you learn how to match accessory with each clothing piece then it can suddenly bring to you more outfit combinations than you ever thought existed.

How about breaking your own rules?

Style has rules of its own but then, at the same time, it doesn’t! Confused? Well, if you look at how everyday you dress you will discover that subconsciously you are following your own styling rules. But, at the end of the day, fashion and style are meant to be fun and expressive so why keep yourself chained up to your own usual style? In fact, you should just go ahead and break your own rules! Try that bright coat with that bright dress, throw on that printed top with the striped trousers!

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