5 Clothing Styles That Will Make You Look Slimmer This Winter

5 Clothing Styles That Will Make You Look Slimmer This Winter

Are you looking forward to kill this party season by looking thinner and leaner-not by shedding of those excess pounds but by the sheer weapon of dressing up perfectly!

Let’s put it simply. Winter is no longer the hibernating, dry and dull period. It is the party season! So, while all your friends are going out and having fun, what’s the point in being caged in your room for the fear of looking fatter and ugly? With these few winter clothing tips, you shall not only be able to go out and enjoy but also get back a renewed confidence-

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  • The Sleek Trench Coat Shall Do the TrickBring out those flattering trench coats’s it. Wrap the jacket as a dress—a little skin show isn’t that bad either. If you don’t have such high fashion trench coats, check out the plus size clothing suppliers now!
  • Keep a Tailored Jacket Handy : Have them in various patterns and colors. Top it over knee length pleated skirt and sleek blouse, and you’re done! Tie your hair in a top knot style, and wear black boots with black tights. This similar color pattern shall make you look toned down without attracting attention to your unwanted flabs.
  • Make a Long Scarf Your Best Friend : Replace your fluffy and colorful wool mufflers this winter, and settle for the long scarves—those which you can wrap around your neck, and leave the rest of the portion suspended to perfection. Get them in vivid colors but make a black scarf handy always. Check out the plus size wholesale vendors for the best ones in budget rates since you have to hoard them in plenty!
  • It’s Time to Make Your Legs Look Long and Slender : No! You don’t have to exercise hard for that. Simply wear tights and boots in the same hue. This combination shall provide the illusion of you having slimmer, never-ending legs. Try wearing warm short skirts or simply a long parka coat over it, and you shall look million dollars always.
  • Chunky Cardigan with a Bright Belt : Are you planning to wear a sleek, printed dress for a party? Simply team a bold hued chunky cardigan over it (albeit, open buttoned, or those having a shrug pattern), and wrap a bright, pop colored belt over it. Tada! That’s all you need to look prettier and slimmer!
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