5 Immensely Cool Fashion Tips for Plus Size Men

5 Immensely Cool Fashion Tips for Plus Size Men

Not all of us are God’s perfect specimen! Some of us don’t have abs, some of us are too lazy to work out. Some of us love eating. Does that make us less attractive? Well, no! To all the plus size men out there who have been criticized immensely for the belly fat, it is time you hit back at them with panache incomparable. All you need is confidence and a few tips to get you through. Want to know the tips? Keep scrolling down.

Be mindful of the tailoring

Adding bulk to your already heavy torso is not a way of hiding your flaws, but only highlighting it. Yes, you have a little extra meat on your stomach, but that doesn’t make you any less attractive. Pick clothes that fit you properly and don’t dangle around the body. Be it a t-shirt or a suit, make sure to opt for sizes and that the tailoring should be right.

Embrace prints

This age old tradition of what colors to wear is simply annoying as it restricts without any objective. Prints are your best friend, and every designer of wholesale plus size clothing will agree. Stick to the neutrals and basics, but a small dash of print here and there can help you enhance your sense of fashion. Don’t overdo it, but yes, definitely try it.

Quality not quantity is the key to rule

No matter how many t-shirts and shirts you stack under, if the quality of the clothes is bad, you can’t get through. Thus, layer or no layer, be mindful of the quality of the fabric. Comfortable is not a criterion to be highlighted (for it is necessary) but there are other factors like the touch, the fit, whether it creases or not, stretchable and so on. These are the aspects to be considered. Get them sorted; you will be the master of every look you try.

Dress your size

Though it was mentioned in the first point, it is worth mentioning again. The fit of your clothes is extremely important. Too much fabric can add volume to your body and that will only further roll out more trouble for you. The sleeve should not pass midway your upper arms, or the hem of the t-shirt should not go down below your zip line. So you might opt for a size larger, but only if the rest of your body looks organized. Disheveled and unkempt appearance is fine at times, not all times.

Be you!

It is high time that you look past all the taboo and be what you want to be. The world has too much to say about everything; it is full of opinions. You can never satisfy all; so you very much as well satisfy yourself. You love denim; rock them. You love flannel; rock them. You want to wear horizontal stripes; wear it anyway. You are your own critique. If it pleases you, do it. There is no place for any negativity! Keep your style game on and slay all the onlookers.

There is nothing hotter and sexier than a confident man! The above-mentioned tips are formulated to boost your poise. Walk out the door wearing all the apparels you can conjure. And if you want to enhance it, then the tips here are really helpful. Manufacturers of plus size wholesale clothing Canada based has inventories to die for. From t-shirts to shirts to jackets to pants, they have everything. Retailers who are interested to make a bulk purchase can register with them online. Special offers are also available.

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