5 Reasons Why Sublimation Clothing Makes Ideal Team Wear

5 Reasons Why Sublimation Clothing Makes Ideal Team Wear

Sublimation clothing is very popular these days, and it is increasingly being used as outfits for sports teams. Whether in soccer, baseball, basketball or cricket, sublimation outfits are being regarded as bigger and better by both sports teams and team members. Read and know 5 main reasons why sublimation outfits make perfect team wear and are ordered from sublimation clothing wholesale distributors these days.

These are non-fading in form
This type of outfit is made by using sublimation printing technology, in which there is fusion of an ink into a fabric instead of superficial printing that happens with screen printing or inkjet printing method. This makes the prints long-lasting in form and these do no fade very easily. Naturally, sublimation outfits happen to be extremely durable and are ideal for making team outfits.Sublimation Clothing WholesaleThese are brighter in appearance
Due to the deep fusion of the inks onto the fabric surfaces, these dresses tend to be brighter in color and design. These have strong colors, which neither crack nor fade when they are exposed to external light or sun rays. These prints can stay bright for many months and years even after a lot of washing. The colors can be matched with those of sports clubs or teams, and sublimation printing method removes the problem of creating team outfits with standard stock colors.

These come with varied designs
Any type of design can be printed with the use of this technique. Simple shapes, photographic images and shadows can be printed in varied colors and blend of colors. Sublimation clothing manufacturers can also print numbers and logos with ease. The names of sponsors, numbers, names and logos can be printed in full color.Sublimation Clothing ManufacturersThese are cost-effective
The expenses can be lower with these clothes in some cases, as compared to standard printed outfits. There are no extra expenses associated with printing, embroidery and more. Sublimation printing is actually a package in which the entire artwork, consisting of the pattern, is printed directly on the fabric in order to get smooth, professional results.

These are softer in form
Sublimated clothing is made by the fusion of ink into the fabric surface, unlike what happens in screen or inkjet printing. Thus, there is no plastic feeling of the designs and the fabrics feel softer to touch for wearers. Wearers can feel cool and comfortable the entire time they wear the outfits on the field, whether for practice or for actual performances.

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