5 Street Style Ensembles from Paris All Plus Size Men Need

5 Street Style Ensembles from Paris All Plus Size Men Need

Paris is called the Fashion capital of the World for some really great reasons. Walk down the streets and you will get your answer. Filled with people who know A to Z of fashion, these are the ones who inspire designers to put it all out in the clothes. So what does Paris has to say about the plus size men out there? Well, to answer this question, you need to go through the following points. Popular wholesale clothing suppliers have these clothes included in their inventories that assure to impress the full figure hunks. Ensembles dedicated to the plus size men out there, it is time to shine out and sparkle through.

  • The semi-formal appeal has been a high point in Paris for the last few seasons and it seems to continue this year as well. An easy integration, you need a solid white turtleneck teamed with a pair of dark blue jeans and as a structured blue blazer. A pair of the derby will complement the attire. The fit is the key to get this ensemble right; so make sure that each of the pieces highlights your stature well.
  • For all those hunks who have a sweet spot for comfort and want to get on with the casual wagon, this ensemble is all you need. A graphic hoodie worn inside a military green overcoat, completed with a pair of relaxed jeans and white sneakers will enhance your personal style quotient. Shades of accessories are again everything you need to pull off the look with undeniable panache.
  • Another popular ensemble has been taking inspiration from the 70s era. Known for balancing extravagance with subtlety, this ensemble is a simple combination of different pieces. A red turtleneck, a pair of tailored chinos in blue, a structured blazer in black, red socks and black derby makes the attire which has an ability to impress all the onlookers. Comb your hair well to get transformed into the disco era.
  • An all-black ensemble is fail-safe. You know it is bound to look good, even when you put minimum effort. a black solid t-shirt paired with black trousers and black loafers is a great combination. Use a black leather belt to hold the pieces together. However, to break the monotony of the attire, a camel overcoat is all you need. Smart and elegant, this will definitely elevate your appearance.
  • The men in Paris has mastered the layering game and with panache unmatchable. Pick denim shirts of different shades and the rest will be easy to integrate. First, wear a solid white tee, then start piling the shirts one over another, going from the lightest to the deepest. Keep the shirts unbuttoned to let all the button downs show their charm. a pair of striped trousers and sneakers will complete the look.

Thus, adopt these extra stylish ensembles from the streets of Paris and impress the onlookers with a style unique and different. Don’t go by size; go by the ability to pull off these attires with bravura. Wholesale plus size clothing suppliers have these pieces displayed in their inventory that can be purchased by the retailers in bulk. Discounts can be secured upon registration online.

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