5 Types of Clothing You Should Buy for Men

5 Types of Clothing You Should Buy for Men

Men’s clothing is simpler than that of women, but that hardly means there are no variations. Most men prefer a simple style of dressing which does not crave for attention but really makes an impression among onlookers, especially the members of the opposite sex. Read and know about 5 common types of clothing for men that you may order from wholesale mens clothing distributors for your clothing store stock.


These are actually sweatshirts with hoods which come in plenty of colors such as navy, black, maroon, ivory, blue, grey and white. These can be matched with bright as well as neutral colored clothing. This type of apparel can be paired with everything from cardigans to coats and jackets. These are made to resist some amount of cold and are also slightly waterproof in construction, which means they are ideal to wear during drizzly weather as well.


Men love to wear casual, formal and party shirts in their daily lives. Bush shirt, camp shirt, baseball shirts, tennis shirts and guayabera are some of the most popular casual shirts among men. Formal shirts for men usually come in darker or neutral shades, and do not come with extravagant designs. In checked formal shirts, another matching color is used to create the lines.


There is everything from military jackets to bomber jackets, motorcycle jackets, cowboy jackets, snowboarding jackets and more. Many of the jackets for men are constructed out of leather, suede, flannel, wool and fleece to serve varied purposes. Decorative features such as zippers, belts and logos are added to many of the jackets in order to make them more attractive in appearance. Some of these are really expensive but can be purchased at cheap price from wholesale clothing distributors for men.

Wholesale Clothing Distributors for Men

Polo T-Shirts

These types stand in contrast to standard t shirts with a round neck and consist of a V-neck and a high neck base. These are ideal for almost any casual occasion, whether for a fishing trip with friends, meeting with pals in a night club or even hanging out together after class.


These are button-less and collarless shirts which sit easy on the body and come in varied colors. Although these are made commonly out of cotton, the tees can also be made of various other fabrics such as polyester, poly-cotton and flannel as well as various synthetic fibers. These range from V-neck to Y-neck and even baggy in style, and can easily be ordered from wholesale mens clothing distributors.

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