5 Ways to Dress Your Little Girl This Season

5 Ways to Dress Your Little Girl This Season

Girls these days understand style very well. Getting exposed to the media at a young age develops their sense of fashion. They know exactly what they want, and come on, you know that they are very specific about it. With so much going on in the fashion circuit right at this moment, you should know exactly how to dress your little princess. No, don’t have to go over the top, but simple ensembles which are stylish enough will do the trick. The following list sets forth five looks that you can opt for.

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The casual chica

For a casual look, you need to pick the simplest of the clothes and team them together smartly. A solid black top coupled with a pair of printed pants is easy on the eyes and contributes much to her overall appearance. If it gets too cold outside, replace the top with a black cardigan. Complete the look with a pair of white trainers. Perfect for casual gatherings, she will absolutely love this adorable sartorial combination.

The boho Bambina

While the adults are rocking the Bohemian theme, the kids can never be far behind. A pair of ripped jeans teamed with a white lace top is a great pick for this motif. Use a colorful cardigan on top with tribal themes to stick to the Bohemian roots. A bowler hat and a chunky neckpiece will add to their beauty, whereas, a pair of ballerinas will render her a smart appearance. Wholesale kids clothing manufacturers have the best of the tops and pants available for the kids.

The classy muse

Elegance is easy for the little girls to pull. With their radiant smile and innocence, they are no short of inspiring adults to up their dressing game. A 1960s black dress (with white high collar and bell sleeves) can make the ideal pick. Team it with a pair of knee length boots and a flat hat (yes, the Sherlock Holmes style) for the extra bit of edge. Just a tip- pick a thick fabric like wool to keep your daughter warm and comfortable.

The sailor girl

Sailors have for long been the ideal inspiration for dressing up boys. But why should boys have all the fun right? A nifty combination of clothes will give your daughter that flawless sailor look. A striped monochrome t-shirt tucked into a red tulle skirt (for that feminine approach) and completed with a sailor hat and ballerinas are just what you need. Use a denim jacket but in green to give the ensemble an applauded look.

The striped lassie

Stripes don’t contort rules. They apply to everyone, regardless the age. Pick an oversized stripes shirt for your daughter and tuck it in a pair of jeans. Use a statement belt to give dimension to the guise. A pair of ankle length boots for footwear and a hairband accessory will help her look like a little adorable munchkin, right out of the comic book.

So this season, use bright colors and insulating fabrics to dress your daughter. The ensembles are smart and cute, and definitely worth the try. Wholesale clothing suppliers Canada based have the best clothes for kids displayed in their inventory that can be purchased by the retailers at a discounted price.

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