6 Dos to Select the Perfect Shapewear for Plus Size Women

6 Dos to Select the Perfect Shapewear for Plus Size Women

Do you take out your favorite LBD from the closet, see and put it back again afraid that your tummy will get showcased for the bad when you wear it? Worry not, and bring the LBD out; after all, when will the plush line of shape-wear come to the rescue?

The modern day shapewears come devoid of any line or crinkles, and provide a firm and natural-looking posture to your body. However, if you’re about to purchase a shape-wear for the first time, here’s a quick set of guidelines for you to select the perfect one-

Learn to Wear it Perfectly: Shape-wears are nothing like the easy-to-slip on camisoles or lingerie. In fact, if not worn perfectly, you may damage the texture of the shape-wear. So, learn the way: step into a shape-wear and pull it up carefully without tapering the neckline or seams. Go through the instructions carefully, and seek advice from the SAs!

Try it on Before Purchasing: Every woman is blessed with a unique body. So, always make it a point to try on a shape-wear, and inspect if it fits you perfectly without hurting you before you buy. The best shape-wear for the plus size women must reduce the belly-bulge, provide a great posture without forming any line or wrinkle in any part of the body. In short, it must look like a second skin.

strapless plus size shapewear

Get a Shaper for Different Occasions: At least get one for special ones and one for regular usages. The special ones may have more tummy tucking facilities than the regular ones, but the latter may be more breathable and comfy than the former. For special ones, you may also go for the strapless plus size shapewear.

Provide Utmost Importance to the Target Areas: Not all the parts of your body needs to be tucked. For example, you may have bulging tummy but nice thighs. In that case, you may opt for the tummy tucking shape-wears. If your thighs need as much care, you may settle for the shape-wears that run up to the thighs. Sleeveless, half sleeve and full sleeved shape wears are also available for the best effect.

How Much Control Is Needed: This is again to be decided by you. Whether you want your thighs not brush against each other while walking or you want it to look slimmer depends totally on you. So, understand your needs, and get a shape-wear accordingly.

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