8 Straightforward Steps to (Successfully) Launch Clothing Distribution Company

8 Straightforward Steps to (Successfully) Launch Clothing Distribution Company

To save their operational costs, many manufacturers, today, are doing business with third-party distributors instead of expanding their own reach. And this has created a big opportunity in the market for entrepreneurial minds to launch their own wholesale distribution companies and outsource their services to other apparel companies.

This B2B model is a much needed breather from the retailing model where competition level is all time high.

So if you’re looking for an entry-point to the clothing industry, why not kickstart your own wholesale distribution business? It’s much simpler actually, with comparatively less market competition.

Did you know that total US wholesale distributor sales are approximately $3.2 trillion?

Here are 8 simple steps to become one of the topmost apparel distributors in Hialeah and across USA:

clothing distribution company

  • Plan on the types of apparels you want to distribute

While the common sense might say that you should wholesale a wide range of apparels to make more business, at the beginning you must start slow. Be selective on the kinds of clothing you’re going to deal in and the consumer group you’re going to target. This will be much cost-effective and you will be less stressed.

  • Put together your business plans and vision

You must have a concrete plan before putting in your money in the business. Sort out the technical ends, like the name of the company, registration, warehouse and more. Be also certain about the initial operational and wholesaling costs. Have a vision of how you’re going to grow your business, where do you want it to be in the next 5 years.

  • Get the capital

You can self-finance your whole business. If not, seek money from the families and friends. Go to the bank for loans. Look out for angel investors. You can also crowdsource you capital through online platforms.

  • Get in touch with top clothing manufacturer(s)

Now is the time for the most important task—contacting wholesale clothing USA based manufacturers. Factor a range of things here; your own needs, manufacturers’ collection, their market reputation, their pricing and their ability to meet emergency orders. Since just starting, it is best that you stick to one manufacturing company to keep hassle and extra expense at bay.

Names like Alanic Clothing brings a wide range of fashion, fitness and sports apparels for women and men under single roof, vouching to be your ultimate business partner.

  • Market your apparels via online and offline modes

To succeed, marketing is the key for every business. So invest your time, energy and money intensively in promoting your business and collection. Leverage on social media to spread the good words and to reach your target business. Also invest time in traditional avenues, using banners and pamphlets to market your company.

  • Approach the small apparel retailers from the front

Don’t wait for retailers to come to you. Instead make outreach attempts. Contact them from the front; give them good reasons why they should do business with you. Use emails and calls, meet them in person, and make presentations to be more convincing.

  • Have a reliable shipping partner by your side

Have a reliable shipping partner by your side to fulfill the wholesale orders quickly and efficient. Make sure the company is well adept to meet orders across the country, offers several transit modes and is reasonable in its charge.

  • Constantly communicate with your manufacturer

Keep in touch with your manufacturer throughout. Tell them your exact needs and expectations; inform them about the varieties that your customers want. Customize your bulk if needed. Maintain a nice and healthy relationship with the manufacture; after all it is on them your whole business depends.

These are 8 straightforward steps to successfully launch and sustain your wholesale clothing distribution company.

Sure, to become one of the topmost apparel distributors in Jackson and across USA, you will have to deal with lots of challenges on the way. But given you have a good manufacturer by your side and you’re thoughtful and strategic in your decisions, your venture will be a complete success.

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