A Complete Guide for Curvy Women to Choose Plus Size Active Wear

A Complete Guide for Curvy Women to Choose Plus Size Active Wear

Nothing can replace the importance of confidence when it comes to working out at the gym. Now, you might be curvy and shy to hit the gym because of the revealing flabs which are too distracting. What is the solution? Something which can surely help you is the right activewear to motivate through support and freedom of movement, making you appear slimmer and hiding the problem areas wisely. Finding the right plus size activewear clothing might be a bit tricky, but then the manufacturing companies are crafting wide arrays of clothes exclusively for the curvy women, to strut into the gym in style. Be it the top you are wearing or the sports bra you are looking for, you must make sure that they don’t cause any inconvenience while going through hard training sessions all day throughout, without pulling back the overall performance.

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To clear your confusion in choosing the right clothes, we will guide you thoroughly

    • For Pear Shapes Bodies
      The most important consideration which women with this shape must keep in mind is the fact that all the attention must be on the upper side of the body and the outfit you are wearing should effortlessly strengthen the shape of the body with poised silhouette.
    • So what are Things to Look for?
      Light Colored Tops- To keep the attention away from the hips and towards the upper side of the body, it is important to go for tops adorned with subdued colors.
    • Flared pants – Again, it is important to move the attention away from the mid portion of the body, thus flared pants can be slipped into.
    • Apple Shaped Figure
      With this body type, the goal should be to wear clothes which will hide the tummy flab and redefine the middle portion with refined finesse and balance.


Considerations to be made :
    • Pull off loose tops, or oversized tees which can be tied into a knot at the waist for utmost convenience.
    • Apple shaped figures doesn’t have a problem of a bulky lower portion, hence fitted capris or leggings must be worn for a sleek stance.
    • Hourglass
      Ladies with hourglass figures must ensure that they are elegantly showing off their waist so that a slimmer appearance can be easily achieved.


Things to keep in Mind:
    • The plus size activewear women manufacturing companies craft a variety of tops, hence girls with hourglass figures must go for V-neck or scoop neck tops to look highly appealing.
    • The trend of wearing shirt cum shorts must be embraced, as they are tight in fitting, and offers good line and length for hourglass figures.

Women often get confused on what tops they must choose of they have a curvier appearance, and hence to choose among the different plus size activewear tops becomes confusing. Though tops like tanks, V-neck, crew-neck, and camisoles with built in bras can definitely be the trending options.

For Bottom Wear, these are the Styles which Should be Tried
    • Biking shorts and tennis skirts combo– they provide maximum coverage of the problem areas.
    • Bike style shorts- They are loose, and hence go well with tight tops, resisting chaffing.
    • Leggings- They are flexible, providing high impact workouts, and can be worn with other key pieces of ativewear.
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