A Guide to Different Types of Popular Men’s Swimwear

A Guide to Different Types of Popular Men’s Swimwear

For most of the human history, recreational swimming was done naked. In fact the 26th American president Teddy Roosevelt often took plunges without his clothes on. Even men from swim teams of schools and colleges did their practice without a proper swimwear. But since then the contemporary swimsuit has gone through a lot of changes wherein the length of the shorts has been increased or decreased over time. The present swim style is different, and a lot of stress has been put on style and functionality of the sportswear. Swimsuits generally don’t have to be perfect in size if people have the trunks in place after they dive in. You can get a good deal on the variety of swimwear from a men’s wholesale clothing distributor too. Have a look at the different types of swim suit styles before ordering them.

Trunks: This is the most common men’s swimwear almost all over the world. These look like shorts worn as casual wear on land but is made of fast -drying and lighter material which can be either nylon or polyester. The shorts also feature a tighter fitting lining on the inside. The colors and inseams may vary according to the product.

Boardshorts: These are a longer version of trunks that come to or way past the knee. These often have a non-elastic waist and fit closer to the torso. These shorts were originally developed for sports like surfing or paddle boarding as they were designed to have less material that you catch as you mount the board.

Swim briefs: These are often called speedos, that are trademarked with tight-fitting feature and a V-shaped front design that were tighter towards the thighs. Recreational swimming briefs feature an inner lining for better comfort and protection. This type of swimwear is quite popular in Europe and America.

Square cut shorts: These are body hugging shorts that covered the area from the waist to the upper thighs. The limb area is cut in a square shape for a boxy look and make it less revealing than a swim brief. This is also suitable for men who are on the leaner side of their body type.

Jammer: This is a knee length skintight swimsuit that is used by competitive swimmers and other water sports athletes. These are extremely comfortable to wear and protects the body to some extent from the sun rays and chlorine. These very much resemble bike shorts without the padded cloth in the crotch area.

Wet suits and dry suits: These are insulated suits that are made for extreme and longer exposure in the water. These are extremely suitable for different types of sports like scuba diving, snorkeling and other board sports.

Therefore, make sure to checkout the aforesaid varieties of swimwear for including in your existing sports wear collection. All you must do is get in touch with wholesale men’s clothing manufacturer and state the required bulk needs and request for fast delivery of the bulk products ordered.

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