Athletic Clothing Has Come a Long Way and It Is Better Than Ever

Athletic Clothing Has Come a Long Way and It Is Better Than Ever

Athletic apparel has certainly come a long way and have certainly spanned the extremes of the millennia. The ancient Olympics performed in the nude since it was felt that the birthday suit was ideal for maximum performance. During the 1950s, athletes performed in sweatpants and t-shirts. But, today there is specialized clothing for almost every athletic endeavor imaginable. It is believed that for optimum performance, it is crucial to wear apparel that properly matches with the type of sports and level of activity. In the contemporary times, sports clothing has had a fashion twist that participants to spectators enjoy wearing.

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Diffidence Vs Performance

When it came to athletic apparel in the Victorian era, modesty took precedence over performance. The players or participants in the sports activities were required to wear baggy and heavy fabrics so that every part of the body was well covered. The trend today has reversed, although nude sports have not made a comeback but minimalist swimsuit-like clothing is the standard on the athletic tracks and fields of the world. Athletics clothing suppliers are increasingly experimenting in order to bring in more of fashion combined with high performance into the sports clothing and accessories.

Natural to Man-made Fabrics

The early basketball uniforms were made of heavy flannel and wool and it comes as no surprise that players today are able to run a lot faster and have more endurance than those of the 19th and 20th centuries. This is because those fabrics were notorious for retention of moisture and neither did they assist the players with very hot or cold weather. Those natural fibers were only comfortable in moderate temperature until the players began to sweat. Present day clothing manufacturing uses man-made fibers such as nylon and spandex that have moisture-wicking abilities and can quickly transfer sweat from the skin to the outer portion of the garments where it either evaporates or drips off quickly. The man-made fibers are very popular because players no longer have to carry around additional weight in the form of perspiration-soaked sports apparel.

Athletic Apparel Continues to Evolve

It is not just the materials used by the clothing manufacturing company that drives the trends. Had there been no allowance for color, then it would have been extremely difficult to tell one team apart from the other. Performance is often positively enhanced by the kind of clothes one is wearing. Hence, it is important to find sports clothing that is trendy, in vibrant hues and patterns and boosts the self-esteem of the players wearing it. As the wheels of fashion continue to turn, it is believed that athletic apparel is going to be more and more influenced by the evolving trends.

Get in touch with a clothing wholesale company to fulfill your dream of dressing up your team in performance-oriented, stylish sports apparel that makes them stand apart from the rest the moment they step out on to the field. Buying bulk products would also help is cost cutting.

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