Best Sleeve Ideas for Plus Size Dresses

Best Sleeve Ideas for Plus Size Dresses

Sleeves have always been a very important part of dresses and have to a great extent cast significant impact in creating perfect silhouettes for different body types. As far as plus size dresses are concerned, most wearers are seen to choose the safest options that either include a flat tube long sleeve or bare basic sleeveless. In honesty, it may at times be a little difficult for larger wearers to locate the perfect sleeves that look completely compatible with their silhouettes. This does not mean though, that options that cater to the bigger beauties are any less. Here are some sleeve options that can add instant elegance to plus size dresses.

Long Sheer Sleeves

If you are looking for. plus size gowns with sleeves for festive occasions or parties, you can always choose long sheer optionsThere is something very uniquely elegant about sheer sleeves especially when they are part of gowns with luscious flowing fabrics like chiffon etc. Add minimal sequins and stonework to it and you will have effortless glamour in your pocket.

Plus size dresses

3 quarter Sleeves

Three quarter sleeves look chic and very feminine in shorter knee length dresses in basic fabric. Plus size wrap dresses, shirt dresses, shift, skater and body cons boast perfect compatibility with the 3 quarter types. The fact that they leave ample room for chic accessories is also a lovable virtue.

Petal Sleeves – There is something about petal sleeves that make dresses look o so feminine and somehow take a few pounds off the upper arms. They also make the shoulder area look perfectly tailored which allows the wearers to create a very crisp, defined and attractive appearance.

Dolman (bat sleeves) – The classic dolman creates a kind of gleeful harmony in the torso. From the arms to the waist, the definitions seem diffused without compromising the overall neat and chic effect. Wearers who have slimmer upper bodies with comparatively heavier lower bodies can manage to pull symmetry with these sleeve types.

While the sleeve types mentioned above are in trend among larger wearers, there are certain varieties that may be available in the market but are best when avoided. Sleeve types like puff, mutton leg, Juliet sleeves, peasant sleeves, etc. can be mentioned as examples. Basically, these sleeves are instrumental in adding bulk to the upper arms and shoulders making the torsos of the larger wearers look much thicker than they actually may be.

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