Bold and Subtle- Segment Your Target Customers for Your Sublimated Clothing

Bold and Subtle- Segment Your Target Customers for Your Sublimated Clothing

Sublimated clothing has become quite a rage in the fashion world today. But that doesn’t mean you can stash them up in your inventory and your customers will go in that ‘crazy mode’ and will buy every single piece till the last piece.
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Admittedly, everyone loves sublimation wears, but not everyone like the same varieties. You’ve been told time and again to segregate your customers into various categories for better targeting. In this case, you need to segment your customers into two categories- people who want bold varieties and people who want subtle varieties. It is after this you can should shop for and customize your wholesale sublimation clothing accordingly.

The People who want Subtle Varieties

These are the people who want standard varieties. So you should shop for sweet and simple sublimation wears. Also, this consumer base would mostly demand tops, more specifically t-shirts. So you shouldn’t invest too much of your resources in bottoms department for them.

When customization, keep the number of color combinations to max three. Use the regular colors like black, white, red, blue and green. These consumers prefer texts over designs. So come up with good texts or quotes and avoid any fancy patterns and graphics. Also keep the fitting moderate.

The People who want to make Bold Style Statement

These are consumers who like being the centre of attraction. They want to look different from others; so they don’t mind going bold with their styling sense. In fact for this reason, the demands for tie-n-dye t-shirts are very popular among them. So keep all this in mind when shopping and customizing your bulk for them.
Sublimation Clothing Manufacturers

You can experiment with as many color combinations and any patterns here (of course that within a limit- you’re customizing for bold people not clowns). 3D shirts would work like a charm with them. Also, when shopping from good sublimation clothing manufacturers, purchase also the bottoms and hoodies.

All the while, regardless who you are purchasing your sublimation clothing wholesale for, be very careful about the quality of these wears. Consumers will care less about the looks of their wears, if its quality is not good.

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