Bring New Zest in Your Summer Collection This Year!

Bring New Zest in Your Summer Collection This Year!

Summer is almost here, and it is now or never for retailers who want to make a mark. This season is one of color and zest, thus making it very important that you bring a certain awareness of the time into your retail collection.

In this blog, we are going to take a look at how you can make your collection more zesty and fun. Want to find out? Let’s take a look at what your collection must have:

1.Pantone color of the year: Living Coral

Planning to make your collection better and more trend oriented? Then you cannot miss the pantone color of the year: Living Coral. A hue that falls between the pink and red shades, this one is magic in every way possible.

It will be great for tees, dresses, sports clothing, innerwear, beach wear, and even blazers. In fact, you do not need to stop at clothing either. This color will look great on accessories as well.

Living Coral is one of the most breathing rendition of pantone colors in recent times, and you have got to convince your clothing manufacturers to use this in your bulk orders!

2.Breath life with organic fabric

It is summer – so forget all about synthetic and go organic. From Turkish and Egyptian cotton to bamboo fabric and even the fine silks – there are a million options and blends and all of them are made for this season.

Use the bright colors and natural designs to breathe life into these fabrics and capture the imagination of your customers like never before. Organic fabric is the flavor of summer and keeps your customers happy because of the breathability and comfort in provides.

Also, some fabrics like bamboo are UV protective as well – which just adds another feather to their hat.

3.Go for the comfortable fit

Summer has always been about a comfortable fit, and that is one thing you cannot mess with. Keep things easy going, keep the beach in mind, and enjoy the warmth after the cold hard months of winter.

Whether it is the dresses or the shirts, everyone likes a feel of a well sitting apparel, rather than one that is grasping with a clenched fist.

And this tip is even for activewear manufacturer companies. Forget compression for some time and go back to the basics of loose and breathable activewear clothing.

These are the 3 ways through which you can make your collection truly capable of capturing the imagination of your audience. Summer is as fun and experimental as fashion gets, and this is the time for you to capitalize on the season.

People will be losing those layers after months of winter, and they want to see some color, life, and vibrato – something you need to give them!


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