Christian Grey’s Simple And Humble Fashion Guide For Men

Christian Grey’s Simple And Humble Fashion Guide For Men

Even though it is been quite some time since the entire world heard of the man, the master of Red Room of pain, the megalomanic handsome billionaire, still, even today, those 2 words, Christian Grey manages to get reactions of admiration, lust, love, and so much more…

For those who are still living in the dark, Grey is the filthy rich, extremely handsome, control-freak male protagonist of E.L James’s erotica, Fifty Shades trilogy. The layered character of the man still makes every girl’s heart race, especially after Jamie Dornan played it so well in the movie version.

You might have lost yourself in the steamy hot romance, but then, there is more to that. In the entire trilogy, Mr. Grey taught a great deal about simple and humble fashion. While you may find the minimal approach to fashion boring, he showed how to rock and own the look!

Almost every guy secretly likes him and wants to be like him to impress his lady, and if you too are someone who falls in this category, then now is your chance to read the blog till the end and surprise your girl later with your ‘grey inspired minimalist fashion views’!

A Sneak Peek Into Grey’s Minimalist Wardrobe

Proudly possessing millions of dollars, Grey is often seen in classics such as black blazers, black leather jackets, black tees, white linen shirts, chunky knits, pure white business shirts, wonderfully-crafted suits, and of course, those smooth silk ties. The man knows what works with what. One of the most well-known wholesale clothing manufacturers offers a massive collection of classy, comfortable, premium-quality clothing at a great price!

You might not be the company CEO, but you do know that certain iconic pieces can make the foundation of a little, sophisticated wardrobe. Even though predictable, they are worth some more time and money.

Christian Grey’s Simple And Humble Fashion Guide

The 4 Note-Worthy Rules

To follow Grey’s simple and humble fashion sense, all it takes is a few minutes to go through these tips given below:

Get the basics right

Open your closet and check whether you have all these essentials like dark wash skinny jeans, striped tees, plain tees, denim jackets, bootcut jeans, trench coats, and white shirts inside it. See what you already own, what you need to add, what goes with your style, and which are the ones you think will fit your budget. Use these classics to build your simple and humble wardrobe.

Add your personal touch

Next, take a look at your wardrobe once again and think about which clothing items are your staples, which colors look good on you, and with which pieces you are comfortable best. Once you know this, the entire thing will be a lot easier.

Grab quality at an affordable price

Grey doesn’t need to think about money, and it’s always only the best for him. Though you do need to think about the price, still, go for the best brands always. Rather than wasting your money on something cheap, spending more on the basics will definitely pay off in the long run.

When it’s about classics…

  • If you are going shopping, make sure to find a style that suits you, and buy it in at least 2 very different colors.
  • Ignore the ‘extremely trendy’ ones.
  • Stick to the colors with which you are familiar and comfortable.

When it’s about persona-friendly items…

  • Go with vibrant colors
  • Select several vintage pieces.
  • Accessorize with classic metal and leather watches, neckties, etc.

Business owners and retailers wishing to stock top-quality clothing pieces for your store, hurry and get in touch with one of the most prestigious clothing manufacturers in Europe now!

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