Comfy Staple Wear Style For The WFH Season!

Comfy Staple Wear Style For The WFH Season!

Many women been fortunate enough to be working from home during these uncertain times. As a result, the need for the ideal WFH wardrobe is on the rise. Hence, we have zeroed in on some trendy yet essential clothing pieces that serves as a great WFH outfit.

Popular clothing vendors in NYC have curated a limited edition collection for women to flaunt their WFH styles. Hence, let’s read on to know more about the easy to style at home clothing pieces.

Oversize Shirt

For those slightly more dressed-up vibes, it’s all about a comfortable button-down in an oversize cut. Bonus: Classic white shirts happen to be trending right now. Pair these with your colorful leggings to create the ultimate fresh spring look for a busy Monday morning.


This might seem like a no-brainer, but joggers are a staple for a laid-back yet cool look worn in a coordinating set or on separately with other basics. Look for the pastel variants to create the ultimate soft girl look for instagram.

Comfy Tees

Like we mentioned above, a matching top works flawlessly with sweatpants, but so do those comfy tees, either in a cropped style or a slouchier silhouette. You can even cut your oversized tees to create a stylish cropped tee with fringes for some drama.


Cardigans worn as tops are a trendy alternative to one of those other shirting go-tos. Try one with joggers, jeans, and shorts, whatever. Cardigans are a light layer wear hence you can wear it for those days when the chills might feel uncomfortable.


Similar to joggers, leggings are another must-have for those elevated WFH ‘fits. Look for a printed ensemble if you want to amp up your mood for the day. However, a monochromatic outfit is perfect for creating a luxe look.

One of the popular clothing manufacturers in tampa fl have curated a trendy collection of clothing pieces for women. Therefore, if you want to invest in it, checkout the bulk collection of products at the virtual store. Communicate the MOQ of the sample apparel to the customer care tea for the bulk investment.

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