Contacting a Clothing Manufacturer: What You Need To Ask

Contacting a Clothing Manufacturer: What You Need To Ask

If you are going to run a clothing business and are on the lookout for a good apparel manufacturer, then know this, finding the one will not be an easy job. While there are many ways through which you can get in touch with plenty but connecting with the one that suits your requirements in terms of quality, delivery, and communication is a tough and challenging task. Making a decision in haste will waste your time, money, and energy in the end, so in order to contact the clothing manufacturing hub which is perfect for you, there are certain questions that you should ask.

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7 Major Questions To Ask

Once you have shortlisted a few from the net, call them one by one and ask these questions highlighted below to find out the one that’s meant to be your partner:

  • Can you create the clothing items I want?

Start by asking them what kind of products they produce and once you see that it’s close to what you want, let them know what type of clothing pieces you are looking for. To be doubly sure, ask them whether they can make them for you. After all, if you have a specific need then you should ensure that they will be able to fulfill it.

  • What kind of services do you offer?

Are they capable enough to do fabric sourcing, prototypes, grading, and patterns? Can they help you with designing (if you need it)? It will be a quicker and easiest solution with them doing the majority of the work for you, while you sit back and take control of the other most important things.

  • Can you give me cost examples?

Go for a quote. You need them to generate a prototype for an accurate price estimation. Without it, they won’t be able to tell you how much your items will cost. Ask them whether they work with FOB or CMT or in any other way.

  • Can you produce products in larger quantities?

Ordering for the first time, you will need a small quantity of course as you would like to see how it does in the market, but once you see the response from the people is good, you would like to go for larger productions and the manufacturing unit you are dealing with should be able to do that.

  • What is your MOQ?

What is their minimum order quantity? How much do they need to generate in one single production run? Is the number set by the supplier fixed irrespective of size, color, and style, or is it a per size, color, and style thing?

  • Do you have terms and conditions attached to anything?

For an instance, a supplier might have certain payment terms and conditions which you should know beforehand, i.e, before you sign the deal.

  • Can I see the certifications?

When it is to work ethics, safety, and sustainability, you have some standards for your brand. To ensure that the manufacturing company can meet all your expectations, you need to check their certifications as well.

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