Dos And Donts Of Business Casual: A Womens Guide

Dos And Donts Of Business Casual: A Womens Guide

Gone are the days when office outfits meant ‘only formal‘. Today, workplaces have evolved and so have office attires. However, this doesn’t mean that you can wear anything from your wardrobe.

Business casual has been more popular than ever, especially post-Covid, with all the hybrid schedules. In fact, many organizations with an on-site approach allow employees in business casual every day and not just on Fridays.

If you are someone who often gets confused with the term “business casual” and can’t help but wonder what to wear and what not to wear for business casual, then here are some general guidelines:

(Note: These are just basic guidelines as your workplace’s dress code might differ)

Do Go Beyond Skirts

Business casual doesn’t mean that you can wear just skirts. You can take the liberty of thinking beyond it. Consider something like a business suit or a snug-fit crop top and wide-legged trousers. You can of course opt for dress pants, chinos, and pant suits if you wish. If the rules and regulations at your office are a bit more relaxed, then you can also go for capris for a fresh take on business casual.

Don’t Opt For Athleisure

Athleisure isn’t something that you should be wearing to your office. Yes, many style them to their workplaces. However, these are not the clothes that give off a very professional vibe. So, it’s better to stay away from these. Okay, if athleisure fits with the dress code, ensure your top or leggings don’t look like you worked out in them this morning.

Do Watch Your Shoes

To play it safe, consider sticking to boots, heels, loafers, and dress shoes. You can get away with dressy sandals but wearing flip-flops to the office will be more like a stunt. Do check if your workplace has any specific rules about shoes.

Don’t Go Showing Your Undergarments

Sometimes, it can be hard to find undergarments that work with various kinds of clothing. You need to make sure that your bra straps don’t show. Ignoring sheer tops is a good idea but if you still wish to wear one, then do wear an undershirt beneath it, so that your bra straps remain out of sight.

Do Make Sure Your Clothes Are Clean

Always make sure that your clothing pieces are clean. Wash and iron them properly before wearing them.

Don’t Wear Ripped Clothing

Ripped or torn clothing is something that you should definitely avoid. It’s a big NO-NO in most work environments.

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