Dress Up Your New Born with These Effective Apparel Ideas

Dress Up Your New Born with These Effective Apparel Ideas

Finding the right clothes for new born babies is nothing less than a challenge for most first time parents. The excitement of buying new apparels starts much before they actually come to the world. Nowadays there are many clothing manufacturers who offer myriads of choices in baby clothes online. But buying their clothes is not as easy as it may seem initially. Besides keeping the right fit and size in mind, you have to pay attention to different clothing styles and apparel types. Here are some guidelines to help you out.

Clothing styles

The styles of clothes for babies can divided into two main category for their practicality and stylish appearance. Read on to know more.


When you are buying clothes for a new born, you should look out for the key features like comfort, breathability, durability and moisture absorbing ability. So choose a garment which is soft, loose and suitable for the weather. But opt for a style which is easy to put on like the ones with wider neckline or snaps at the side and stretchable fabric slip easily over their heads as well as fit hem perfectly.


Since small babies do not understand anything about style, it is best to keep their garments as practical as possible. However, parents can dress up their kids with stylish clothes according to their personal preferences. Many online manufacturers are reinventing the styles of kids clothing for parents who are ready to splurge some more on trendy yet comfortable apparels.

Some essential apparel types for your baby’s wardrobe

New parents often go clueless about what to buy for their babies. So here are some of the best newborn clothes that you can look out for-

Snap shirts

In the first few months of your baby’s birth you will need clothes which are easy to wear and easy to take off and snap shirts are one such clothing type which come in a wrapping style with snaps on one particular shoulder.


Buy some of the classic pieces of onesies in full length which have snaps or buttons at the lower section for covering your baby comfortably from head to toe.

Two piece night wear

Available in genuine cotton fabric, a two piece newborn night dress is ideal for lending utmost comfort at night. While you look for lightweight and loose fit for the shirts and pyjama pants, make sure that you choose them in light colors like peach or cream white which will give a soothing effect to the eyes.

There are still only a few retail stores in town which offers trendy yet practical clothes for new born children. So if you are a retailer, hoping to introduce your customers with some stylish apparels, contact a renowned wholesale newborn baby clothes suppliers online and place your order in bulk.

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