Essential and Stylish Women’s Jeans, Retailers Should Invest in

Essential and Stylish Women’s Jeans, Retailers Should Invest in

Women practically live their lives revolving around different types of jeans. So much that, they loose weight to fit into that perfect pair of jeans, they bought a few months ago. With the introduction of new trends every season, its not possible for women to purchase all of them. Hence, to make their lives easier a list of the essential types of jeans are given below. In fact, retailers can also take help from this and determine the pieces that they want to include in their store for the upcoming spring-summer months. These jeans are super affordable a versatile as well, hence investment in the appropriate pieces from Canadian wholesale clothing will be profitable in the future.

  • Skinny jeans, as the name suggests is pretty skinny and hugs the legs completely. You should definitely opt for one when going out for a party, date or even dinner. Meant to highlight the best curves of a woman’s body, skinny jeans look really good with oversized, off-shoulder or even balloon tops. Pumps or even strappy heels looks really good with skinny denim pants.
  • Flared jeans ooze the 70’s retro vibes. If you love the hippie culture or want to dress up like one, then you should definitely opt for a pair4 of flared jeans. These look really good with ankle length jeans, but honestly you can wear it with all types of shoes and clothing because that is what hippie is all about. On the other hand, these jeans are actually pretty much comfortable for the colder season as well.
  • Boyfriend jeans, as the name suggests looks like a pair of jeans that you borrowed from your better half. These are super comfortable to wear and does not stick to the skin. Available in high-waisted versions, you can wear these jeans with a crop top as well. Generally, boyfriend jeans look good with strappy sandals, ballerinas as well as converse. Casual and smart, these pants are appropriate for running errands, hanging out with friends as well as just a walk through the park.
  • What were initially considered mommy jeans are now being transformed into boot-cut jeans. For women who have a distinctive pear shaped or an hourglass figure can really carry the boot jeans pretty well. Be it a glamorous satin top or a sleek white Chinese collar shirt, you can wear these jeans with almost all types of clothing.

Retailers can get in touch with wholesale clothing manufacturers and browse through their collection of impressive denim clothing. After selecting the required pieces, state the bulk need to the customer care team.

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