Everything You Must Know About Sublimation Clothes and T-shirts

Everything You Must Know About Sublimation Clothes and T-shirts

There’s no denying the fact anymore that sublimation printing has replaced the screen printing technology and is making waves in the clothing industry. Since the image, produced with sublimation ink on the t-shirts, becomes brighter and more durable than that of the ordinary one, this new age technology has become the best choice for people around the globe as well as business owners. So take a look here to know a few things about this technique.

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What’s the Big Fuss about Sublimation Printing Technology?

Though we have been hearing a lot about the sublimation printing technique, there are still some who have a vague idea about it, except for it is a better printing process than the traditional ones. This is basically a distinct technique in which the ink, under controlled heat and pressure, turns into gas and leaves a durable print on the clothes, getting completely blended within the core of the fabric. It is because of this better sustainability and more longevity than the regular digital printing that have brought about a technological revolution. Plus, this contemporary printing procedure has broken away from the long prevailing conventions to produce high quality images in brighter definitions with colors that render an eluding effect to the wearers while making it cost-effective for the bulk purchasers.

Some Trendy sublimations Prints to Familiarise with:

  • Ramp to Street New Peppy Floral
    With sublimation printing the ramp style meets the street genre. The novel fusion of neon shades of yellow, pink and green and the use of floral motifs leave a daunting effect on the t-shirts. For instance, the one with a bright orange and yellow, pepped up with bold flower accent is ideal to go for college fests when worn with denim jeans and white sneakers. The pop color adds a quirky touch to the ever-so simple attire in a tie-up with floral motifs.
  • Color-blocking Effects with Ombre Shades
    If monochrome appears boring to you, add a fun dose of vibrant colors like lemon yellow and tangerine to the t-shirt and wear with blue or black shorts. There are many sublimated clothing manufacturers that offer a multitude of these tees in a medley of muted and bright hues with ombre patterns that uses a varying degree of contrasting colors to leave a flamboyant touch on the wearer. However, you can also choose two vibrant shades like in a designer pattern to wear them with monochrome cotton shorts and denim jeans for that pool party that you are intending to attend this summer.

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  • Emoticons for the Tech Savvy
    As summer approaches, it’s time to hit the party in style. So chalk out a plan with friends for a pool party or hang out at the pub. Now appear in style, wearing a yellow or blue t-shirt with emoticons and team it up with cotton shorts or chinos. For the shoes try out sneakers or flip-flops and get set ready to pose, click and post.
  • Bold and Wild for Experiments
    Women can have immense fun with the animal sublimation prints. Wear a bold and trendy animal printed sublimation tee with ripped jeans and ankle booties and let your wild side roar aloud.
  • Aztec and Abstract Takes a New Spin
    Sublimation printing technology spins out some unusual design with Aztec and abstract motifs that may lend a creative touch on your persona. These sublimated tees in abstract and Aztec prints with a dash of dark or vibrant shades can add poise to your demeanour, when worn with leggings and running shoes or strappy heels.
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