Fashion Advice for Plus-Size Women Trying Pants for the First Time!

Fashion Advice for Plus-Size Women Trying Pants for the First Time!

A lot of full-figured women would rather prefer to have a root canal than wear pants! The majority of shapely women are agonized at the thought of having to pull up a pair of trousers or jeans as they fear that their legs and thighs would end up looking like medieval lamb shanks. It’s of no wonder, really, that large women prefer the ease and comfort of dresses and skirts even though they would secretly hope to be in the body of a petite woman just so they can wear pants. Luckily, the runways and fashion shows feature several oh-so-trendy plus-size-friendly pant trends that should boost a shapely woman with a lot of confidence that she too can carry off a pair of skinny jeans like a boss. Here are few suggestions to make the whole experience productive and not at all scary.

Trousers Featuring Wide Legs

This is a timeless style that flatters almost all body types and structures. The one thing to look out for is the length. It is best paired with high heels as it makes one look at least two inches taller and 10 pounds leaner. Cool, right? These plus size pants for women come in various materials but one that suits heavier women are manufactured using thick, form-fitting rayon/ spandex and feature a forgiving and stretchy waistband and are absolutely perfect for work. Plus size women simply can’t stay away from wearing pants once they have tried this on!

Skinny Jeans Are Also Meant for the Big Girls

Skinny jeans have been one of the hottest denim styles over the past few years and the craze just doesn’t seem to die down. But shapely women find it a challenge to pull off this trend and often stay clear of it. The surprising truth is that full-figured women look stunningly gorgeous in skinny jeans and one only needs to find the perfect size. These plus size pants women can also create a slimming effect if worn in dark washes such as blue or black. One can also choose interesting prints like gray jeans with black animal print overlay or something like that. Just stay clear of lighter colors as that make things look bigger!

Shorts are for All!

Shorts are a wonderful summer staple and no one should be denied the right of wearing them. Hour-glass women ought to remove the mental block and shyness that they feel regarding these women’s plus size pants. Curves are hot and they are in! Voluptuous beauties should purchase a size larger to avoid the dreaded muffin top and an inch longer, if they are uncomfortable showing off their curvaceous legs or think the thighs are too fleshy. Bold prints, dark colors and vertical prints will all work together to give shapely women a slimming impression. So, go and have fun!

There is no such thing as “pants are only for the lean and petite”. Everybody can rock a pair of great pants, irrespective their size. Plus size pants for women are constantly evolving in style and one just needs to go out there and pick the size that fits perfectly!

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