Fat-shion Blogger Spotlight: Elite Collection for Plus Size Women to Rock the Party

Fat-shion Blogger Spotlight: Elite Collection for Plus Size Women to Rock the Party

Ring a bell! Ring a bell! It’s party time. As the fashion space for curvy ladies expands, so do the options, line of garments and aesthetics that help flatter distinct styles. Thanks to the designers and manufacturers who present something new on the table, every season, exclusively for roly-poly fashionistas. While the plus- sized fashion has changed beyond the tents, shark bite hems and body con dresses; the garment manufacturers are out to exhibit and deliver fresh dose of styles in form of party wears.

For those who love sleek modern designs, clean lines and one of kind fashion, there is a treat for them. This blog presents seven new trends in plus size party dresses wholesale.

Puff dress with velvety touch

Right from the Elizabethan era, puff gowns have been the epitome of woman’s fashion. The new line of party wear collection with puff patterns has once again topped the list. Extravagant creases and velvet trims will perfectly hide fat skins and gift a more curvaceous look.

 Poncho- styled dress

This one- size- fits-all concept has shaken the fashion world. Right from glamorous celebs of tinsel town to the busy fat mom, everyone has embraced poncho-styled dress for its loose fit pattern. This range of dresses comes in various seducing patterns like butterfly; cozy effect; v-neck chiffon; woolen with line textures etc.

Floral maxi dress

Off shoulder and plunging necklines are now for curvy women as well. They can make a bold statement wearing the floral printed maxi dresses. Apart from being comfortable, a maxi dress can perfectly hide one’s neglected areas.

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Stylish tunics

Whether short sleeves or long sleeves, long length or short, tunics have always been the best friend of plus size women. The revived version of tunics in party avatar will certainly beat the box. The funky cuts, unique patterns and awe-inspiring styles walk together to nail the party.

Gowns with formal touch

These formal gowns will not disappoint those who want to be the belle of the balls. The shorter hemline and the embellished belt add cherry on the cake. Solid colors in dark shades give the requisite formal look that a corporate party deserves. Wide selection of formal party dresses plus size can be picked up from a leading manufacturer who displays latest collections.

If you are a garment retailer, or apparel owner, enrich your store with this posh collection of plus sized party wear for women. A reliable garment manufacturer offers bulk buying at wholesale rates. These dresses are pretty much in demand. So hurry up and place bulk order, before the stock ends!

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