The Clothing Trends That Rules The Golden Globes Award Ceremony 2019

The Clothing Trends That Rules The Golden Globes Award Ceremony 2019

Just like other years, Golden Globes night 2019 carpet offered a spectacular range of high fashion moments, with the divas looking stunning! The high impact looks of the celebs threw light on the importance of personal style and individuality, and the star studded affair turned into a fashion festival in no time! While some of them looked quite conventional, a few distinct trends bubbled to the surface that created head turning appeals and will definitely rule the global fashion scene this year through the collections of leading wholesale clothing Canada manufacturers.

Be it standout accessories or bold suits, beauty and bling rocked the red carpet. Timeless appearance in crimson lips or the upsurge of aquatic hues in soothing fluorescents, numerous iconic style statements were created on the night.

Here are some of the clothing trends that will continue to reign supreme for the years to come.

The soothing blue hues

Instead of reds or other dark colors, the celebs chose to flaunt their curves in soothing aquatic blue hues. Alison Brie, Lady Gaga, and Gina Rodriguez, all wore various shades of blue, from light hues to pretty periwinkle, and these dresses looked subtle yet extremely glamorous. This definitely proves that gowns don’t necessarily need to be in dark and shiny colors, as subtlety can also stand out with a lot of grace.

The deep V-necklines

This year, the Golden Globes night also witnessed the resurgence of the deep V-neckline or plunging neckline look. Thanks to Saoirse Ronan, Keri Russell, Taraji P. Henson, and Gina Rodriguez for trying out the daring looks in sexy and hot deep neck gowns and dresses!

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The art of fusing necklaces

Apart from the dominance of flowy gowns, women at the red carpet also flaunted their shiny and shimmering statement neckpieces with the dresses. Celebs like Dakota Fanning, Lady Gaga and others dripped in diamonds in mesmerising statement necklaces.

Take a bow!

Have you ever imagined wearing a bow styled gown for a high fashion event? Well, this again seems to be a trend today. The celebs at Golden Globes look enchanting while unveiling their dress’ bow-adorned detailing. The bows formed a crucial part of their gowns and dresses and reflected the sweetness blended with the elegance of the dresses.

Florals reigned

Be it in black or in multicolored style, the floral-focused looks were also reigning supreme this year at the award night. These dresses exuded the preppy yet sophisticated silhouettes, definitely something different and out of the box.

Long sleeves on a go

Whether their dresses had ruffles, embellishments or rich colors, ladies like Laura Dern, Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Stone and some more stood out in their long-sleeve gowns. This definitely would motivate the designers to curate more flowing dresses and gowns with long sleeve styles.

Power packed pants!

The stunning ladies all proved that pants are just as chic as gowns and individuals like Judy Candice Bergen, Julia Roberts, turned heads in the two-piece ensembles for the night.

Thus, the leading wholesale clothing Australia manufacturers have been quite inspired by these looks and trying their best to replicate them in their collections for 2019!


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