Guide on Buying Plus-Sized Leather Jackets for Women

Guide on Buying Plus-Sized Leather Jackets for Women

While the average woman in America is a size 14, around 1/3 of them are size 16 or even bigger. It had been greatly difficult for such women to find proper clothing for their needs, until lately. Jackets and coats are must-haves during winter, and leather jackets are something that women love as much as men do, or probably more. These days, plus size coats and jackets for women can be found in a wide variety of styles and shapes to offer a better fit. If you are the owner of a clothing store, you need to find the best leather jackets for women of bigger size. You can use the following tips to select the best animal skin jackets for such female population.

For women with Heavier Tops

For women with heavier tops, single breasted jackets can be a good choice. As single breasted jackets and coats are not for snowboarding or skiing purposes, these can be worn to even workplaces as simple coats. While some of these are trench coats, others are made of leather or wool. These can be closed either to a side or down the middle area of the body. You can also find lots of shearling jackets.

For Women with Bigger Bottom

If you need jackets for women plus size with bigger butts, you can go for plus-size A-line jackets that offer a better fit to women with bigger hips or butt. These make the body line appear straighter and more pleasant to look at. A-line styled jackets flow from the shoulders to the hips straight down. Sometimes, these fit well around the shoulder area. However, these do not fit about the hips – which do not make them look unseemly. Jackets and coats of this style are very popular with plus-sized and even women of normal size, as they make wearers look good.

For Women with Bigger Bust-line

At times, women with a larger bust line find it difficult to get the right jackets for them. Although there is variation in bust sizes, most apparel manufacturers construct jackets only in a single bust size. Plus size leather jackets women for those with bigger bust should come with broad shoulders and a V-neck. Jackets with V-neck are available in varied materials, which include wool, pullover, fur and leather.

For Pregnant Women

Women who are carrying a baby usually become larger and heavier in size and shape. For such women, Peekaru coats are ideal. They can be worn on any type of coat, which include even ski jackets. Such types of jackets do not make women in the maternity period look odd in shape, and hide their baby bulge quite easily. The appearance and shape look closer to what a normal woman would look like.

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