Guide Your Customers On How To Dress Their Newborns

Guide Your Customers On How To Dress Their Newborns

When it comes to dressing your newborn, there are so many things that you need to take care of. The clothing, the comfort level, boy colours, girl colours, layering and the list goes on and on. If you in the kids’ clothing business, for your customers starting out as a new parent, it is wise to let them know a few basics on how to dress their newborns. Whether they pick up Newborn Clothes For Girls or boys, they will need to mull over a whole lot of things before they can zero on their buying decision. In fact, dressing a newborn for the first time can be quite tiresome. The baby can be extremely reluctant and revolting as ones tries to push his little arm to slide through the sleeve opening. Crying and shrieking are a common affair for as they might not welcome the air rushing through their skin during the dressing and undressing process. Here’s a smart and practical guide that will help your customers ease out through the process and make sure they dress up their little ones in the right way.

Garment check

Before one decides to buy newborn baby clothes, it is important to run a check on the garment by stretching it a little bit sideways. Next, they need to work on pulling it a little bit over your the head of your baby. Make sure one uses their fingers to keep the garment away from his face so that his head can slip right through the opening. While dressing your newborn, always check if the arms are getting blocked while trying to slide right through the opening for the sleeves. Similarly, one has to be equally careful when undressing a baby. Make sure you keep the support on his back and head in equal measures. Also, take care to move the garment easily and up the baby’s chin so that it comes off easily without causing him any discomfort. Always remember that baby skin is way different from adults and hence comfort is a paramount factor to be taken into consideration.

The clothing type

When buying clothes for a newborn baby girl, your customers should readily look for bright colours like red, pink and yellow as they are easily identified as girl colours. Except for the summers, the little one might need several layers to keep it warm. For a premature baby, it takes more time to get adjusted to the temperature outside the room as compared to a full grown baby. As a buyer of baby clothes, the doting parents who form the major part of your customers should always check for the following features:

  1. Zippers should run all the way from top to bottom at the front
  2. The material you choose should be stretchy and lightweight
  3. Sleeves must be loose fitting to provide maximum comfort to baby arms
  4. Zippers down the bottoms to make it easier for you to change diapers
  5. The dress should be free from any close fitting ribbons or knots that travel upwards
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