How to Buy A Dress Shirt

How to Buy A Dress Shirt

A man’s dress shirt makes a statement about his personality. Men’s shirts are available in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. The reaction that shirts gain from others is the direct result of the choices one makes when choosing the clothes. Therefore, it is extremely important to buy a dress shirt that complements your body type and that fits you properly.

Most of you may get confused when they come to buy dress shirts because it needs many things to consider and you may not know most of them. So we have created a complete guide on how to buy dress shirts that will make a statement about your appearance.

1. Determine The Right Size

You may not know, but your dress shirts are sized differently from your other shirts. When you have to buy the right fit, you need to consider your sleeve length and neck size.

In order to find your sleeve length measure from shoulder to wrist. For the neck size, measure around your neck going across your Adam’s apple to find the right size.

So whenever you go to buy dress shirts for you, make sure to buy the right fit that compliments your body. It will make you look slimmer and fuller.

2. Choose Fabric Wisely

Mens dress shirts are available in multiple fabrics. Each stuff type has its advantages. The fabric that you pick will depend upon your personal preference. Men’s dress shirts are found in linen, poplin, twill, cotton, cotton blend, oxford, and many more.

3. Shirt Style

You will have many style choices when you come to shop for your dress shirts.
Collar Style: Collar choices include button-down, straight point, tab, spread, and pinned. Before choosing a collar style, you need to consider whether you plan to wear a tie or not.

Cuffs Style: You may overlook the shirt’s cuff, but the thing is cuffs also make the style of your dress shirt. Your choices are barrel, convertible, and French cuffs.

Pocket: Decide if you need a shirt of one chest pocket or two, or you want a shirt without pockets.

4. Color Choice

Most fabrics and styles are available in a variety of patterns and colors. To choose the right color, take a few seconds to look at yourself in a mirror. Also, consider the event that you are buying a dress shirt. For instance, if you are an office going person, you need to buy grey, blue, and white colors.

5. Choose The Right Store

With this information, you should be able to narrow down your selection. Find the one that suits you best at the price and quality.

Before going shopping, consider more than three stores you should visit to buy the right one. If you feel due to your busy routine, it is hard to visit more stores than buying online is a great option. Moreover, to buy a good quality shirt at affordable rates, you can visit Nimble Made’s favorite brands. They actually create their own unique and slim sizing for dress shirts. That means perfect shirt length, a snug back and chest, and fitted sleeves at a proper length.

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