How to Dress if You are Curvy with 4 Different Body Shapes

How to Dress if You are Curvy with 4 Different Body Shapes

Being curvy is a blessing that we all enjoy. If you have it naturally, make the most use of it. However, many will have you believe that all curvy ladies have the same body type, but just to break it to you that is anything but true. Curvy women have four types of the figure- hourglass, pear, apple and rectangle. Each has their own stand out features and their problem area. Different clothes work differently for them. With wholesale clothing USA suppliers having designed a plethora of clothes for all the ladies out there, you just need to recognize the category you fall under and pick clothes accordingly.


A woman with an apple shaped curvy figure can be identified by slim legs and large chest. You have a tendency to carry most of your weight in your waist and your tummy. To balance out your weight, you should put most of your focus on creating a waistline. Create an illusion of an hourglass figure with clothes like pencil skirts, skinny jeans, wrap dresses, printed leggings, single breasted jackets and V-neck tops. Show off your legs for they are your key features. Tailored clothes will help you stand out.


A curvy hourglass woman has full hips and busts with a slimmer waist. This is the most common body type among the women with a full figure. Your clothes should accentuate your curves, and highlight the assets. Your style goal is to pick clothes that fit and flare. Classic cuts of retro clothes look ideal to flatter this body type. Structured and tailored clothes should be an instant hot for you. A shift dress, pencil skirts and peplum tops will work wonder for you. Steer clear of billowy, overflowing tops for they may add too much to your silhouette.

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The common characteristics of a peer shaped curvy body are wide hips, thick thighs, a defined waist, small bust and narrow shoulders. Your main goal is to balance out your upper body with your lower half. Now that can be seemingly difficult. But there is always a solution available. Bootcut jeans, high waist pants, A line dresses worn with belts, detailed tops and long jackets and blazers will add definition to your waist, thus, bringing a nice effect to your lower body. You can use printed facts for that upper body illusion.


A rectangular body type is the one where the hip, bust and waist fall in the same line. If you fall in this category, the chances are you look boxy and boyish. Your style goal is to find clothes that will help you look curvy by adding a required definition to your waist. Ruffled tops, tulip skirts, wide leg pants, peplum tops and anything in heavy knit clothes should be the staple in your wardrobe. The biggest advantage you have of falling into this category- bold prints are your best friends.

So, with all these information, make sure to use them wisely. You are beautiful just the way you are. Thus invest in the piece you like and garner compliments from everyone around. Wholesale plus size clothing suppliers have a range of clothes displayed in their inventory that can be purchased by retailers in bulk. Special discounts and offers are also accessible on registration today!

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