How To Find The Right Plus Size Of Activewear?

How To Find The Right Plus Size Of Activewear?

Activewear can be a minefield for plus sized women. However, your fitness clothing should strike a balance between style and function. Investing in a sports bra that only looks amazing and doesn’t support your breasts is not the smartest choice!

Owing to the demands for plus sized apparel, one of the popular plus size activewear manufacturers have come up with a range of such apparel pieces that you can look through. Therefore read on the blog below for more such clothing details.

Impact Preferences

  • Low Impact

Lower impact activities like walking, cycling and even yoga requires dressing up in layers. Although it is a lower impact activity you will have to be in your activewear for longer period of time. Therefore it is essential for you to have a sturdy base layer, and lose fitting outer layers that will provide you comfort for the duration of the workout.

  • Mixed Impact

Are you a gym regular? Do you love recreation sports? Then chances are that you are involved in a mixed impact work out. Be it a game of badminton or mixed activity with gym equipment you need to dress up in high impact apparel to prevent injuries.

  • High Impact

Are you involved with active cardio sports? Then you have to invest in such apparel that are called high impact clothing. Look for such sports bra designed with wide and padded shoulder straps and additional support. You should also look for pants designed with compression features to prevent muscle problems.

Key Features To Look For In Your Clothing

  • Tops

Top wear like sports bras and tees perform best if designed with wide shoulder bands. Padded straps are even better for plus sized women and help to support the shoulder and cause less post workout pain. Go for longer tops or a fitted bodysuit as an over layer to make sure that your workout wear stays in place.

  • Bottoms

Whether you like to wear leggings, capri pants, shorts or lose-fit pants, always look for high waist bottom-wear as this will support your body type and provide enough coverage too. This makes sure your bottoms are well anchored and won’t shift from place while working out.

  • Underwear

The real support starts from your underwear. The more supportive it is, the better. Make sure to choose long shorts to help to prevent thigh chafing, and wide waist bands for support.

Do you want to invest in customized apparel especially designed for your store? Contact one of the popular private label apparel manufacturers and reach out to the customer care team spelling out the needs for wholesale apparel. Business owners can even avail cool discounts on the bulk clothing pieces.

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