How to Launch Your Private Label Clothing Line with Just $1000-5 Dirty Hacks

How to Launch Your Private Label Clothing Line with Just $1000-5 Dirty Hacks

With the rise of some of the top wholesale clothing USA based manufacturers and distributors, we’ve been told countless times that even launching your own apparel line has become easier and cheaper.

The question, however, that many new market entrants often ask is how much easier and cheaper?

If you have same borderline questions tingling your mind, we’ve got some delightful answers for you.

Today, you can launch your own private label clothing line in less than $1000 and that in less than a month.


Here are 5 dirty hacks to get you started with-

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Find a reliable private label clothing manufacturer

No more do you have to bear the manufacturing, product sourcing, and raw material cost. You can hire a third-party clothing manufacturer these days. Offering a large catalogue and flexible personalization option, these manufacturers eliminate a huge chunk of costs and stress off the business owners’ heads. To that, a good company offers its collection at a fairly affordable price. So look around and pick a reliable private label clothing manufacturer.

Start small and target selected consumer group

When limited in your budget – or even not – starting small and then gradually growing is a much saner and effective idea. So avoid targeting everyone from the get go. Select few audience groups that interest you or where you can cut a larger profit margin and launch limited range of wears. This will cost you less.

Look for a partner

Doing business in partnership is a great idea. You’re limited in your budget and, possibly, expertise. Why not have someone with you and by your side to share all the responsibilities and cost?!!! So if your comfort and business goals allow it, find a good partner and launch, successfully, an apparel line together.

Go for social media marketing

Instead of planning and implementing a full-fledge marketing cost, that alone can cost you thousands, why not just focus on platforms that vouches you comparatively higher return than others?! So, in initial stages, keep your focus limited on social media marketing—Facebook and Twitter in particular. The affordable paid promotion program of these platforms can help you easily target the potential customers and drive higher sales.

Follow the dropship model

Today, for the ease and cost-effectiveness, Dropshipping model has become a go-to for the new generation of entrepreneurs. You let your manufacturer-cum-dropshipper handle your inventory and order fulfillment at a meager fee while you sell on your online store. This saves you the warehouse cost, the cost of delivery and other duties.

These are 5 dirty hacks to launch your private label clothing line in less than $1000 easily. Of course, there would be lot more challenges on the path. But with the right decisions, you can easily counter them. Good Luck!!!

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