How to Wear Your Polo Shirts- 6 Etiquettes to Follow

How to Wear Your Polo Shirts- 6 Etiquettes to Follow

Versatile and exceptionally flexible, polo shirts have come a long way from the traditional style to be incorporated into the wardrobes of contemporary men. Preferred especially for the warmer months, these can be paired up with almost any bottoms wears to make for a great sight at various places from golf course and tennis courts to leisurely strolls around the town or a brunch at a plush bistro.

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Do’s and don’ts of wearing polo t-shirts

You must have often seen people wearing these pieces interchangeably with almost anything and everything from torn denim jeans to dress slacks, whether ill-fitted or well tailored under a black or navy blazer for dinner on a posh yacht. In fact James Bond is quite famous for putting on his signature polo tee shirt, perfectly teamed up with his Omega Seamaster or Rolex Submariner. So here’s a look at a few guidelines which will help you maximise your dapper yet elegant look.

Never wear them as an undershirt

A well-fitted polo tee is designed to be worn as a single piece without another shirt worn under them since the undershirt may be visible from under the sleeves or has the chances of crumpling around the collar.

Get them well-fitted, not tight

Purchasing them in proper size means that you can slip your finger into your sleeves. Plus, it is quite important to get them in lightweight cotton fabrics to have them draped over your body gracefully without revealing every flexes of your biceps or clinging to your body.

Get them based on your height

Unless you have strong preference for putting on dressy tees, you must make sure that the tail of the shirt does not go past the back pockets of your jeans or trousers. This will not only get crumpled when you tuck it in but also look ridiculous if it is left untucked.

Never pop the collar

The trend of raising the collar is over and it is not coming back anytime soon. Even if you are doing this to protect your neck from the harmful rays of the sun, apply sunscreen lotion there instead and just keep your collar down. Raising the collar seems like wearing a pair of sunglasses at night. So just leave it for the teenagers and do not try too hard to look cool.

Avoid wearing blazer over it

Wearing a blazer under the polo shirt does not always work out as it only ends up encouraging the collar of the shirt to stick out from the former. No matter where you heading to a blazer goes perfect only with a dressy shirt. So when it comes to getting a former look with a blazer, it is always better to stick to the basic shirt.

Tuck in or tuck out

There is nothing like a rule for whether you can tuck in or tuck out. But depending on the situation and the rest of the outfit, you can choose to wear them. For instance, if you have purchased maroon polo shirts and planning to pair up with madras shorts, you will not want to tuck them in, whereas teaming them up with chinos or seersucker slacks calls for tucking in to blend well with the entire outfit.

Retailers can also set their eyes on different styles and colors of polo shirts available near wholesale Australian t shirt manufacturers and help their customers to get the perfect look with the above mentioned tips.

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