Ideas for Plus Size Holiday Clothes for the Perfect Vacation

Ideas for Plus Size Holiday Clothes for the Perfect Vacation

Do you melt into hysterics that night before a vacation trying to whittle down your wardrobe to just a handful of pieces? If you are a plus size woman, you probably do. But do not wait on your weight to live the best days of your life. Here are some helpful tips for the full-figured fashionistas so that they do not have to spend another getaway freaking out about what to wear!

Shorts and Tanks

These are the most versatile of all plus size holiday clothes and they are also the items that you would probably live in for a few days. You could get shorts that hit the knee or fall three inches above and if you are someone who is absolutely comfortable with showing off the sexy legs, then go for even shorter ones. If you are vacationing in a beach, then black maybe just a bit too heavy for it. You could try navy instead, which is equally slimming.

For the tank tops, you could choose one with wide shoulder straps and play with patterns and colors. Do not shy away from trying out new and different looks, but just make sure to select stripes that are thin.


Plus size holiday dresses manufacturers have a lot of options for the voluptuous ladies. You can choose from maxi dresses, pool dresses to short dresses. If your trip includes a pool or a beach, then pool dresses are perfect to be worn on top of your swimsuit for lunch or while a lazy afternoon stroll. Maxi dresses are perfect for the women who are too shy to flaunt their legs but still want to look chic and stylish. Plus size holiday dresses are a huge hit among all and it can be dressed down or up with ease!

Capris and Trousers

If you are not comfortable with dresses, wear capris and trousers that are light and does not make you feel uncomfortable. Choose them in light colors and patterns to ring in the holiday mood. The tops that you choose to wear with them should perfectly complement your bottoms for the perfect look.

The options for plus size resort wear is limitless. The array of colors, patterns, designs and styles that are available to the big girls in a skinny world is amazing. Just remember to shop for your size as baggy clothes tend to give the impression of more weight. Explore, have fun and make heads turn with the help of plus size holiday dresses wholesalers and manufacturers.

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