It Is a Crime to Qualify Your Underwear as Lingerie – Here’s why

It Is a Crime to Qualify Your Underwear as Lingerie – Here’s why

Let’s define underpants… we all have them; they are our second skins; men and women of all ages and body types are free to choose their favorite lot and wear as they please. Simple as this may sound, there are times when people woefully misinterpret their underpants with lingerie. In all honesty, it is something like Donkey (from Shrek 2) calling himself a Noble Steed and believing in it too! Simply put, lingerie and underwear have certain remarkable differences that cannot be overlooked. The only similarity between the two is the fact that they are worn under clothes and not over them (thankfully too). Here are some of the best differences that will make you feel like you committed a petty crime by calling your regulars lingerie…

Men wear underwear, not lingerie

Lingerie is applicable to women and women only. Underwear on the other hand is a common term applicable for regulars designed for men and women. You may have heard women wearing underwear, but not men wearing lingerie (not under normal circumstances) and therein lies the first difference.

Underwear materials are Basic; Lingerie is luxury

Underwear use bare basic materials that is all about daily comfort. Cotton, cotton mixes, polyester etc are a few to mention. Porous, breathable, durable and absorbent are some of the basic attributes that are a must in these options. On the other hand, lingerie is all about luxury. By luxury we mean opulent fabrics like silk, satin, velvet and often net and crochet too! Whether you like it or not, they are anything but bare basic regulars.

The designs

You as well as your granny can pull underwear with flair. Carrying lingerie as second skin though, calls for a little more attitude. Your husband’s briefs and boxers are underwear. So are your high rise hipsters, bikinis and boy shorts. Lingerie on the other hand boast sensuous designs that are a little more revealing than pre established standards of comfort levels. Most lingerie manufacturers are seen to get very creative with the fabric and designs of these options while not having much to do with basics.

Besides this, diversity is yet another lovable aspect in lingerie. There are times you can pass a very fancy pair as intimate night wear as well. A number of lingerie options are available in the form of sensuous night wear which are becoming a craze with women from the world over. On the flip side though, lingerie can be expensive (for the right reasons too) as compared with regular underwear. However, any amount spent on the right pair can be considered as good investment.

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