Key Notes You Can Take From The Best Dressed Men of 2019

Key Notes You Can Take From The Best Dressed Men of 2019

Men with an indisputable style are hard to ignore. In many ways we can consider these men as the unsung fashion heroes of 2019. They have introduced a completely new trend of menswear which is definitely extra-ordinary yet focuses on the concepts of camper, exaggerated fashion, etc.

Therefore, if you wish to surprise your customers, you can simply contact one of the popular wholesale clothing UK suppliers. Thus, read on to know more about the men who have changed the fashion scenario this year.

Keanu Reeves

This human being blessed us with a minimalist couture when everybody was seeking the maximalist trend. He knows how to pull off a single color with panache. He looks good in all black ensembles which is quite evident in his outfit choices for the movie Matrix. Therefore, if you like to stick to the simple outfits then make sure to opt for a long blazer coat that can be worn with a vintage black tee and fitted trousers.

Cole Sprouse

This particular Sprouse twin has come into the limelight simply because of the fact that he dresses so well. Think about British inspired clothing pieces, gingham, pinstripes, etc. You can simply opt for a flannel dominated outfit as well that basically consist of a navy blue and white patterned blazer, a white shirt and fitted pants. For the shoes, stick to something in velvet to complete the look.

Henry Golding

This actor continues to be America’s on-screen rom-com crush. He stole everyone’s heart in Crazy Rich Asians. Needless to say apart from his acting skills he has created a safe place for himself in the fashion scene as well. From sharp formal outfits to casual clothes that are borderline sartorial we all know this guy is going to soar in 2020 as well.

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