Kid's Fashion Trend Report 2016: Graphic Prints

Kid's Fashion Trend Report 2016: Graphic Prints

Next generation of fashion lovers are surely in for a treat because spring 2016 has some fresh new looks and style to keep them hooked. We all know how choosey and stubborn kids can be today and it is largely because of the huge exposure to the outside and celebrity world through their iPads and phones. Adult-like trends on children’s wear has the little cherubs under a spell and no matter if it is dresses, tops, shirts, hoodies or trousers that we are talking about, graphic art is totally on-trend right now. Keep an eye out for the following prints if you want to be on the good books of your tiny customers.

Futuristic Art

The mantra for the young, tech-savvy generation is the future is now. The young futurist looks forward to streamlined, intuitive and minimal design that looks chic, polished and totally cutting-edge. Prints and patterns in 3D with monochromatic gender-neutral ensembles are on the rise. So, go ahead and break the gender-based barrier and stock up on some really funky clothes for the tiny tots.

Through Nature’s Lens

The future fashion lovers are inquisitive, adventurous and meticulous. With nature-inspired prints, designs and colors such as animals, bugs and insects with use of lots of green, blue, orange and red will keep the wee ones lost in their own world of imagination that is gripping and exciting. The camouflage-inspired color palettes are a huge hit. It exudes a refreshing charm! Get in touch with kids clothing manufacturers to browse through the product catalogue for some inspirational ideas.

Enter the Sea World

The creatures under the sea is quite fascinating and intriguing, at the same time. Depicting them on t-shirts, tops, shirts and dresses in bright hues and tones would most certainly catch the attention of the tiny ones. Designers have also introduced intricate details such as laces and embellishments to make the whole ensemble a bit more interesting and exciting. Adorning such garments would most certainly make one feel like they’re the seafarer on a journey to find Moby Dick!

Abstract Images and Ideas

Children have an over-active imagination and maybe that is the reason why they believe in centaurs and other just mythical and majestic creatures shown on movies like Narnia and Harry Potter. This imagination is wonderfully projected onto t-shirts and other clothing items with a spin. For instance, the urban landscape is portrayed with splashes of child-like charm. Art, music and dance inspired themes with mischievous twists in bright colors is really going to make your retail store a hot-favorite among children. Children’s clothing distributors USA can help you with stocking up on the season’s latest and weirdest fashion styles at best prices.

While you are on the hunt for wholesale kids clothing suppliers, do make sure that they have an impeccable reputation and while their designs and styles are fresh, new and trendy, the materials used should be of high-quality and complimentary to the delicate skin of the little ones.

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