Meet the Most Favored Prints in the World Of 21st Century Kids' Clothing

Meet the Most Favored Prints in the World Of 21st Century Kids' Clothing

These are the times when you cannot dress your children in panda suits and puppy prints without their will. The winds of changing trends have touched the little fashionistas as well and they are more likely to insist upon wearing clothes with big boy and big girl prints than stick with the stereotypes. In fact, it will not be entirely wrong to say that it is the parents who are more enthusiastic about Mickey Mouse and Goofy in their children’s shirts than the children themselves. Let’s face it… the most favored prints in the world of 21st century kids clothing has shown a significant drift and this has nothing to do with cartoons or cute baby animals.

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Kids clothing suppliers are going crazy with checks. The classic plaid, Madras, hounds tooth, window pane, gingham, tartan you name it, and you shall have it. Wearing checks is the current trend among kids whether in shirts, shorts, skirts or dresses. The interplay of colors is usually maintained at comfortable levels. Slathering the options with the rainbow (other than in Madras checks) is a strict no-no. Infants and toddlers also appear blissfully cute in these big boy and big girl prints!


Stripes and dots have been around for a long time, but now we are talking about no nonsense trend options like pin stripes, thick stripes and even asymmetric stripes as those that are popular in grown-up clothing. Simply put, they look awesome! Mostly seen in casual t shirts, little girls’ dresses and skirts, the scope for these prints are wider than one can possibly think.

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Geometrical Graphic Asymmetrical Wholesale kids clothing distributors cannot have enough of geometric, graphic and asymmetrical prints. Most of these manufacturers have expressed that these options of printing can produce diversity beyond imagination. Basically, with these prints, you can seldom run out of ideas making them one of the most favored contemporary options in the world of kids clothing as well as adult clothing. At present, these prints make the best casual wear options for children aged 6 to 12.

Floral – Nothing and nothing at all can rob the world of children from flowers. Floral prints thus remain among the most favored prints especially among little girls clothing. Whether it is dress clothes or casual, beach clothes or even bed time clothing, these prints remain the first preferred option in the part of parents and their children alike and are likely to retain their popularity for decades to come.

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