Men’s Formal Wear Rules: 4 Dos And Don’Ts To Follow

Men’s Formal Wear Rules: 4 Dos And Don’Ts To Follow

It Is 2022 and men all around the world have become more daring, experimental, and bold, as more pre-set style rules are broken and new ones are openly embraced.

The dress codes are loosening and men have more room to control things especially when it is to get dressed in the morning to work. However, even though the rules have relaxed a bit and a certain amount of freedom is allowed, still, there are a few guidelines that one needs to follow always, no matter what.

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Are you sure you are going the right way when it comes to formal wear? Check it out now by going through these dos and don’ts once:

Do Get Rid Of The Suit Stitching

You will be permanently given the title of “menswear amateur” behind your back if you ever fail to remove the suit stitching from your new suit. On a new suit, you will mostly find it on the pockets, cuffs, back vents, or shoulders.

Don’t Match Your Pocket Square With Your Tie

For some of you, your hands might itch to match your pocket square and tie too when it’s about coordinating outfits but remember, that’s a big NO in the fashion world.

Do Show Off The Cuff

Around half an inch of the shirt should be seen below your jacket cuff to get the appropriate length of a suit sleeve. If it can’t be seen then either your shirt is too small or your jacket is too big.

Don’t Close The Last Button

Never close the bottom button if you are wearing a suit to an office party. If it’s a suit that comprises a three-buttoned jacket then you can sometimes button the top one (depending on your wish), always close the middle one, and never button the bottom one, and if it’s a two-buttoned jacket then close the first one and leave the second one open.

Do Go For Soft Shades

Who says that dressing formally you need to pick only neutral colors? As long as you don’t go for anything too loud or vibrant, everything is fine. Keep things simple, classy, yet eye-catching. Adding soft shades can elevate your entire look in no time!

Don’t Over-Accessorize

Always keep in mind that accessories are for enhancing an outfit. They should never dominate your look. If you are someone who loves to accessorize then once again, keep things simple and light and stick to 2-3. When unable to decide, just remember that ‘less is always more’ in this department.

Do Tuck In Your Formal Shirt

Now, this particular rule is more than often broken, but formal shirts are designed to be tucked in. Keeping it out while you are at your workplace is neither good for your appearance nor for your professional image.

Don’t Crave Unnecessary Innovation

Want the people around you to take you seriously and respect you? Neckties, knitwear, or socks, just make sure to avoid wearing anything ‘’innovative’’ to the eyes. That superhero Marvel DC necktie won’t really get you anywhere.

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