Men's Styling Guide & Belt Guide for Suede Boots

Men's Styling Guide & Belt Guide for Suede Boots

There are many choices for suede shoes in the market, if you’re planning to get a pair for yourself. Whether you prefer Chelsea, chukka, trainers, or boots, suede comes in different styles that you’d love.

Suede boots can be excellent alternatives to leather boots and are versatile for all kinds of occasions. However, some men get intimidated by suede shoes due to their belief that suede is tricky to combine with trousers, a shirt, and a belt. The truth is, suede shoes can suit different settings, from that dinner date you wanted to have for months to that meeting with a potential client.

This post will take you through every style that you can rock with your suede boots, why this type of suede shoes is fantastic, and why getting one for yourself is ideal.

Why Suede Boots Are An Awesome Pair Of Shoes To Have

Though not the most sought after pair of shoes in the market, suede boots don’t disappoint in any occasion. Most men assume that suede shoes are only for feminine styles. But most men don’t realize that they can use this type of boots to their advantage if they want a more elegant look.

Here are some reasons why suede is a classy choice for men:

  • Suede boots add a layer of texture and complexity to any outfit.
  • This type of boots brings an aura of mystery that traditional leather doesn’t always have.
  • Suede, for both shoes and jackets, also makes you look more sophisticated.

Below is a men’s styling guide for matching your belt with suede boots.

Types Of Suede Boots And How To Match Them Up With Your Outfit

There are endless possibilities when it comes to suede footwear. The common types of suede boots that you can choose are the following:

1. Chukka Boots: If you want to rock a more casual look, then this type of boots is for you. Chukka boots have a heritage feel to them, since the British Army had used these boots in World War 2.

Here’s a breakdown of how you can style your suede chukka boots. If you want to maximize the great casual look that chukka brings, pair it with jeans. When it comes to the shirt, you can wear a snug knit for ultimate comfort as you go about your business for the day.

Adding a duffle bag to your snug knit and smart jeans would complete a versatile and stylish look.

2. Chelsea Boots: If you’re into a slightly more refined and sleeker look, then make this type of boots a priority for your next buy. Chelsea Boots are flexible enough to help you achieve a smart casual look or pull off a date-night outfit.

A. Are You Meeting Someone For An Official Business Transaction?

  • You can pair up your Chelsea boots with chinos for your trousers.
  • It’s also good to pair Chelsea boots with an overcoat, plus a blazer inside.
  • Adding fleece for more layers is also a good option if the winter is in full swing.

B. Are You Going Out On A Date?

Whether you’re planning to grab some drinks or watch a movie with your girl, Chelsea boots can surely fire everything up. Pair your suede Chelsea boots with the following, and you’re good to go:

  • Skinny jeans
  • Flannel shirt
  • Simple jacket

Suede boots, particularly the grey and tan ones, play vital roles in winter menswear trends. This type of footwear provides a smooth transition for your wardrobe.

men clothing winter trends

How to Mix And Match Your Belt And Suede Boots

Matching your belt with your suede boots is simple. You can either follow the traditional matching rules or go for the modern rules of mixing and matching.

Fashionably savvy men tend to follow the traditional rules if they’re going to attend formal events. Meanwhile, men go for modern pairings when it comes to semi-formal occasions. To help you decide on which rules to follow, here’s an overview of how the two pairing rules work.

1. Traditional: Your belt and suede boots should have the same color or shade. For instance, wear a black belt if you’re wearing black suede boots. If you’re going to wear a light brown pair of boots, then go for a light brown belt, too.

Matching your belt and suede boots the traditional way can come handy for weddings, job interviews, meetings, funerals, and other more formal events.

2. Modern: The modern rule is the unconventional way of pairing up your belt and boots.

  • For example, you can wear light brown suede boots with a dark brown belt, or the other way around.
  • If you’re into unusual colors like maroon, grey, or blue, you can choose to pair them with either a black or brown belt; it depends on which color you prefer.

The modern, more relaxed method of mixing and matching your belt and boots is ideal for a regular day at the office, or if you’re planning to sip some coffee with a friend.

Final Thoughts

Suede boots are a must-have in your footwear arsenal. This type of boots can spice up your wardrobe. When looking for a pair of boots to buy, always consider color and quality. You can go back to this guide, so you can effectively mix and match your boots with an outfit you have in mind.

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