Netflix Shows Have Legit Changed Wholesale Clothing Style Trends in Recent Times

Netflix Shows Have Legit Changed Wholesale Clothing Style Trends in Recent Times

Netflix and chill being the new anthem for both single and committed folks, this digital platform has not only impacted our timetables and lifestyle, but majorly affects the way we dress as well. According to researches, certain shows actually spiked the online searches for certain clothes, especially women. While some opt to dress up in the most futuristic way possible, few hanker after the 70’s and 80’s style statements. The global fashion scene is hugely getting affected by the fashion quotients that certain shows on Netflix, and these clothing styles have seamlessly become a part of your everyday life.

Be it The Crown to Stranger Things, YOU or House of Cards, each and every show reflects styles that are speak more about the respective characters, in an effective and flamboyant way. Naturally, especially women look for such styles and want to embrace them to replicate the styles of their favourite characters onscreen.

Wondering how the Netflix shows have changed Atlanta wholesale clothing trends worldwide? Here are some major instances.

House Of Cards

This political drama is not only critically acclaimed but also brings in a revolution for women’s clothing choices. Tailored and structured power dressing for women that is reflected in this show has given way to recent upsurge of cropped jackets, tailored dresses and boleros, and the designers have been crafting collections in the similar line as well. Especially badass working women are hugely inspired from the looks portrayed in this show.

Stranger Things

Making us all nostalgic for the 80s, Stranger Things is a popular sci-fi thriller that has affected us in great ways. Be it Barb’s cute dresses of the timeless 80’s fashion scene, or the particular Eleven’s pink Peter Pan collar dress, the style shown in this show might be subtle, but very impactful in today’s global fashion scene.

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The Get Down

Can be a major coincidence that Get Down surprisingly coincided with the revival of the 70s fashion trend. Since the day it premiered, the red and green coloured classic varsity jackets saw a spike in searches, and retro trainers. Hence, these retro clothing trends are being brought back to the mainstream fashion scene by the wholesale designers and private label clothing manufacturers Canada.


Again, this show made us reminisce the timeless fashion statements from the 70’s, as the crew was dresses up in the most authentic 70s fashion. Be it aviator sunglasses, short sleeve collared printed shirts or the hats, everything is witnessing the impact of Narcos in today’s fashion scene.


Love for nostalgia recurs here, as it depicts the female wrestlers in the 80s, mostly clad in the loose and slouchy mom jeans, and in sweater vests, in shades of grey and beige .Not to forget Glow also brought back the reign of leotards.

This is how the Netflix shows have prompted the wholesale brands and private labels to introduce brand new clothing styles.


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